Felt Sunflowers

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create your own pretty patch of sunflowers for fall with this fun felt project.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, you need to figure out how big your want the center of your sunflower.  I wanted a finished center that was about 4-inches wide, so I traced one of my plates that is 8-inches in diameter.  Whatever finished size you want your center to be, make your circle twice that in diameter.  Draw, or trace your circle on your brown felt with a pencil.  Cut out.

Thread your needle with a length of embroidery floss, using all strands so it’s good and sturdy.  Sew a running stitch all around the edge of your circle, and gently cinch into an open bundle.

Lightly stuff, and flatten your felt bundle to form the flat center of your sunflower.  Then gently cinch until you just have a small hole left in the center–you don’t want to pull it entirely shut, forming a ball.  We want the sunflower center to be a flatish disc.  Tie off your floss, and trim the ends.  Cut a circle of brown felt that is slightly larger than your center hole.

Add some hot glue to the hole, and lay the end of your stick over the hole.

Add some hot glue to brown circle, and cover the stick, and hole with the brown circle.  Hold until cool.

Cut 2 sizes of petals.  I cut my smaller petals out of gold felt, and my larger petals out of pumpkin colored felt.

Attach the smaller petals around the back edge of your sunflower center, overlapping each petal slightly with the one before.

Then attach your larger petals to the back of the sunflower, positioning them so they stick out between the smaller petals.

Glue buttons to the brown center.

Cut a length of burlap ribbon, and tie onto the stick, leaving the tails sticking out on the sides as leaves.

Try making smaller sunflowers to put in a vase, make big life-sized ones, or just make the sunflower heads and stick them on a wreath.  Anyway you choose to make them, they’ll make your fall brighter!

Happy Crafting!

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