Autumn Leaf Garland

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a custom leaf garland in your own color choices, and length to decorate your home this autumn.  With minimal supplies, and an easy technique, you’ll have a pretty decoration to hang in no time at all!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

This garland tutorial is more of a technique, than a project with a specific finished project.  How big/small you choose to make your leaves, what colors of felt you use and in what order you arrange them, and how many leaves you cut, will customize your garland to your own tastes.

The first step is to cut all of your leaves.  I stacked 3 pieces of felt, and cut my leaf shapes from the stacked felt, thus cutting them 3 at a time.  To form your leaf shapes, begin your cut along the straight edge, and cut a curved line.  Then, start back along the straight edge, leaving some of the straight edge between your cuts, and cut another arc the opposite direction of the first, so they meet at the top in a point.    They’ll look like little football shapes with one blunt end.  Cut all of your leaves.  I made my leaves about 4 inches long by 2 inches wide.  I made 90 leaves, and my final garland is a little over 6 feet long.

At the blunt end of your leaf, add about a 1/2 inch long line of hot glue up the middle of the leaf, and pinch the end together, holding until cool.        Repeat with all of your leaves.

If you want to arrange your leaves in a repeating color pattern, I suggest sorting them into piles by color.

To start your garland, select 2 leaves.  Your leaves have a stem formed where you glued and pinched the ends together. Glue the flat stem part of one leaf to the side, just above the stem, of the other leaf.  Your leaves will be staggered.  In the photo I’ve glued the side of the orange leaf to the stem of the purple leaf.  This leaves the orange stem sticking out, ready to attach the side of the next leaf.

Next, glue the side of your next leaf up against that previous stem that sticks out so far, so the new leaf’s stem now sticks out.  I glued the side of the yellow leaf onto orange stem.  Then, for your next leaf, you’ll glue it on the alternating side.  I glued the side of the red leaf, to the stem of the yellow.

To create the garland, you’re just making a chain of leaves by gluing the side of the new leaf, to the stem of the previous leaf, alternating which side you attach them so the leaves are staggered.  You can attach your leaves in a color pattern, like I did, or just attach them totally randomly.

When you get to the end of your garland,  attach one leaf sticking off of the end in the opposite direction of all of your other leaves, and then attach a leaf on either side of it.

To make a hanger for your garland, twist a loop for each end of the garland out of a chenille stem, and attach to the back with hot glue.

Swag your beautiful garland across the mantle, or down the stair bannister.  Make a narrow one to lay across the bookshelf, or drape across a mirror.

Happy Crafting!

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