Pretty Acorn Decoration

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Here’s a project you’ll go nuts over!  Make your own gigantic decorative acorn in your favorite pretty print fabric.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, poke your stick into the larger, more rounded end of your egg.  Use hot glue to secure.  This will be the stem of your acorn.

Next, apply hot glue all over the pointed end of your egg, and stick it to the center of your fabric, smoothing the fabric tightly into place.

Pull the extra fabric up, and around the egg, toward the rounded end, adding hot glue as you go to secure.

The fabric will want to make ridges, so you’ll have to “artfully pleat” the excess fabric, securing it with hot glue.

Trim the extra fabric evenly near the top of the egg, making sure the edges are securely glued in place.

Glue the end of your rope just below the fabric edge, so your rope “cap” will hide the that seam.  Begin coiling the rope around the top of the egg, hot gluing in place as you go.

Continue spiraling your rope up the egg toward the top, keeping your rows right next to each other to hide the styrofoam underneath.

Continue coiling and gluing right up until your rope coils neatly around the stem.  Cut the extra rope, and securely glue the end in place.  Hide your giant acorn away from thieving squirrels!

Happy crafting!

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