Little Jack Felt Pumpkin

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Sew a sweet fall friend with this simple pattern and tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, print Little Jack PDF pattern, and choose your size.  The smallest pattern piece makes a pumpkin that is approximately 3 1/2-inches across, and 2 inches high, the largest piece makes a pumpkin that is approximately 5 1/2-inches across, and 4 inches high.  Cut out your chosen pattern piece, and use the pattern piece to cut out 8 orange pieces of felt per pumpkin that you make.

Take 2 pieces of felt, and stack them on top of each other.  Thread your needle with 2 strands of orange floss, and whip stitch together one side of the stack.

Open up the stitched together pieces so the seam you just stitched is against the table.  Stack  another felt piece on the right-hand side piece, lining up the long edge.  Whip stitch those edges together.

Open up that new seam, and lay it face down on the table.  Stack another felt piece onto the right-hand side piece, once again lining up the long edge.  Once again, whip stitch those edges together.  Repeat with the remaining felt pieces.  When you’ve sewn your last piece on, line up the left edge of the very first piece of felt, with the right edge of the last piece you just added.  Whip stitch your pumpkin together.  The top will be closed, the bottom will have an opening.  You’ll have something that resembles a little bag.

Turn your pumpkin so the seams are on the inside, and you have a little bowl shape.

Stuff firmly with fiber.

Use your needle, and orange floss, to stitch around the edge of the opening of your pumpkin in a running stitch.


Gently pull your running stiches as you sew to draw the opening closed until you have about a 1/4-inch hole (for the smallest pumpkin, for the larger ones you may want to leave a bigger hole, to insert a wider stem) left to insert the stem.  Tie off.

To make a stem, cut a small rectangle of green felt as tall as you want the stem to be, and about 2-inches wide.

Roll up the felt, and use your needle and 2 strands of green floss to whip stitch shut the roll.

Insert the stem into the top of the pumpkin.  Use your needle and floss to secure the stem in place.

Use your needle and 2 strands of black floss to attach your black bead eyes to the front of your pumpkin.

Use your needle, and 3 strands of black floss to stitch a smile onto your pumpkin.

Cut out a leaf from green felt, and stitch veins onto it with 2 strands of green floss.  Sew to the base of the stem.

Sew yourself a whole pumpkin patch of cuties!

Happy Crafting!

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