Crochet Monkey Kit

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Want to make a cute stuffed animal? This crocheted monkey is super cute and makes a great gift. The Create A Friend kit provides everything you need to make this cute monkey toy.


High beginner/Intermediate




The kit comes with all the yarn and supplies you need to make your monkey friend. However, I don’t enjoy crocheting with plastic needles so substituted my own metal hook.

Instructions are pretty easy to follow. You’ll start by making the monkey’s head.

This pattern is advertised as “Fun for all skill levels!” but I suspect some of the shaping might be difficult for beginners, such as the eyes.

Rather, I’d classify this pattern as suitable for intermediate crocheters. However, if you’re a beginner crocheter and want to up your game, this pattern would be a good way to increase your skills.

The safety eyes are a nice touch.

This pattern crochets up pretty smoothly.

In theory the included stuffing is enough for the entire toy.

But even though I fluffed it up, the entire stuffing only filled up 3 /4 of the head and body.

So I added additional stuffing to fill out the bottom of the body and appendages.

The limbs are fun to make.


As I was making up the limbs I wondered if I would have enough yarn. This kit absolutely gives you enough.

Monkey mouth

The bow tie gives the monkey some flair.

I sewed on the mouth about halfway before stuffing it.

Ears are not stuffed which gives them a pleasing curvature.

Instructions say to stuff the monkey tail as you crochet it. I totally forgot but was able to stuff it after completion.

The pattern also says to attach the limbs at specific rounds. I just attached them where I thought they looked best.

The bottom of the monkey decreases pretty fast which leaves some gaps between the stitches.

To fix this I weaved in some extra brown yarn to close the gaps and hide the stuffing.

For the top hair I used a brush to fluff up the yarn ends.

Fluffy hair makes the monkey even more adorable.

When working with a craft kit I always wonder if there will be enough yarn. No worries with this one. Here’s how much yarn I had left over.

The monkey ends up being nine inches seated. Here’s my hand for scale.

In person this monkey is even cuter!

I’m happy to say that the finished product looks just like the photo on the box.

Craft on!

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About Stephanie

Hello everyone. I’m Stephanie and I’m so happy to be the Yarn and Needlework contributor for Think Crafts. A friend taught me to crochet back in 2000 and I’ve been hooked on textile crafts every since. Knitting soon followed, then spinning, needle felting and sewing joined the team. I love making my own clothes and home accessories. Creating fun monsters out of sparkly yarn is my current obsession. I blog about my crafty creations at Twilly 23.

2 thoughts on “Crochet Monkey Kit

  1. Anna


    I recently purchased this kit and I am following the instructions very carefully. I am working on the head and have gotten up to the part where I am about to sew the eyes onto the head but I am concerned because my monkeys head looks extremely elongated and large. It’s not even spherical in shape. I am wondering if you had this issue at all? Rounds 9-24 made the head extremely long and it looks more body shaped rather than head shaped. I’m not sure how to fix it!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  2. Maria

    This is my first time trying to do crochet and unfortunately I can’t fully understand the instructions. I’ve tried to find a video on YouTube, but no success there.
    I really would love to try to make this cute monkey for my baby.
    Any tips or videos!?
    Thank you!!

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