Brown Bag Beehive Wreath

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make a BEE-utiful wreath with this easy tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut the bottom out of each bag, and cut down one side to open your bag into a large rectangle.  Cut the rectangle, across the longest direction, into 2-inch wide strips.  I used 2 whole bags worth of strips to cover my wreath.

To form the ropes we’ll wrap the wreath with, we will be twisting these strips of paper.  To make the strips easier to twist, first crumple up each strip into a ball, and then un-crumple the strip, and smooth out into a strip again.  This helps soften the paper fibers, and makes the strips twist easier without tearing.  To begin making the twist, fold one long edge of the strip in toward the center of the strip, and then fold the other side up to overlap–you’ll wind up with what looks kind of like a brown paper bias tape.

Grasp the end of the strip, and begin twisting the first few inches of the strip into a tight “rope.”  It will loosen a bit when you let go, and that’s okay.

Continue twisting, and pinching the strip into a rope shape, working down the strip in small sections, until the whole strip is twisted.

Once you’ve made your paper ropes, glue one end to the back of the wreath, and begin wrapping the rope around the wreath to cover it, using hot glue to secure it as you wrap.

Continue wrapping the wreath until it is fully covered, attaching the end of a new rope to the wreath each time you finish a previous one.  You can slightly untwist the end of the new rope, and overlap the end when you glue it to hide the seam.

To make the hive entrance, cut a black circle out of your black foam.  Glue it onto the bottom edge of the wreath in the middle.

Glue the end of a rope to the edge of the black circle, and glue in a coil around the circle to form the entrance.

To form the top handle of the beehive, take 3 lengths of your paper rope, and glue them together at one end.  Braid the 3 pieces together into a handle of whatever length you desire, cut the extra, and glue the ends together.

Glue the handle to the top edge of the wreath.

To create a bee, take 1 black chenille stem, and 1 yellow chenille stem.  Hold them next to each other at one end, and begin tightlywrapping them around the end of your marker until you have about an inch long bee.

Cut the excess chenille stem, and slide the coiled bee off the the marker.  Twist each end of the chenille stem coil to close the end to make a solid head, and tail end.

Fold your coffee filter, and on the fold, cut a wing shape.  Add a dab of glue to where the wings connect, and tuck it between the chenille stems on your bee’s back.

Fold one of the stamens in half like a “v,” and glue between the chenille stems on your bee’s head for antennae.

Make a bevy of bees!

Use your hot glue to attach the bees around the wreath, and coming out of the entrance hole.

Happ-BEE Crafting!

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