Back-to-School Gnome

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Welcome back-to-school, no matter what it looks like this year, with a cute little gnome perfect for the occasion.  Decorate your home, or classroom–wherever you may be “doing school”– with this whimsical little mascot.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut a strip of yellow felt to cover about the bottom 1/3 of the styrofoam cone.  Use hot glue to attach the strip to the cone, overlapping the ends to fully cover.

To create the hat, lay the top of the cone against the felt, and roll it up to form a cone.  Use your scissors to trim the felt up the length of the cone, and across the bottom.

When you unroll the felt you just cut, you’ll have a rough triangle shape.  Trim the bottom edge into a gentle outward curve, and even up the long edges.

Re-wrap the hat around the top of the cone, using hot glue to stick down the long seam.  Be sure to place the hat seam on the back the cone, where you earlier placed the seam of the strip bottom strip–we just want to make sure all the seams are on the back.

Figure out how wide you want the pink eraser part of your hat to be, and cut a strip.  Wrap the strip around the bottom of the hat, using hot glue to adhere, and placing the seam at the back.

Now we’ll form the silver band around the base of the “eraser.”  Wrap a silver tinsel stem around the top edge of the pink band, cutting off the excess.  Use hot glue to secure it in place.

Add a bunch more bands of tinsel until your silver band is as wide as you wish it to be–I made 5 bands of tinsel around mine.

Cut a gentle arc of tan felt a couple of inches wide.

Cut a wavy edge along the longer edge of the strip to form the “sharpened” wood edge.

Wrap the strip around the top of the hat, and use hot glue to secure.

Use a pencil to help you roll a small, black cone made out of felt.  Use hot glue to stick together.

Fit the cone to the top of the pencil hat, and glue to hold in place.

Cut “No. 2” out of your green foam.  My suggestion is to use a pen to write the letters BACKWARDS on the back of your green foam, and then cut them out with scissors.  Stick them onto the hat, just above the silver band, like on a real pencil.  Pencil hat done!

Cut a triangle of fur for the beard, being sure that the pile of the fur is running down toward the bottom of the beard, so your gnome doesn’t wind up having a crazy “bad beard day” beard.

Attach the beard to the front of the gnome, running along the bottom edge of the hat.

Glue a wooden bead for a nose along the seam between the hat, and the beard, in the middle.  Now proudly display your funny little back-to-school ‘fella!

Happy Crafting!

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