Hedgehog Paint Brush Rest

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a cute friend to help hold your brushes when you paint, with this simple project.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, break off a golf ball sized lump of clay, and roll into a ball.

Roll one end of the ball into a point, so you have a shape that looks like a giant drop.  Flatten the bottom so it can rest securely without rocking.

Make 5 small balls of clay that get gradually smaller in size, the biggest being about the size of a marble.

Roll the biggest ball into a cone shape, and place onto the top of your hedgehog’s head.

Use your fingers, and a bit of water to attach and smooth the base of the cone onto the body.  Repeat with the other 4 balls of clay.

Make two tiny balls of clay for ears.

Flatten the balls into little circles, and attach to either side of the head.  Let the hedgehog dry completely.  Mine took 2 days, and I flipped it onto it’s side half-way though the drying time.

Give your hedgehog a coat of white paint.  Let dry.  Add a second coat of white to smooth out the surface.  Let dry.

Mix some white and red paint to make a light pink.  Use a tiny detail brush to give your hedgehog tiny circle cheeks, a nose, and the center of it’s ears.

Mix some white and black paint to make a medium grey.  Use your detail brush to give your hedgehog eyes.

Use the grey paint, and your detail brush, and decorate the sides of the body with tiny dashes, to create spines.  Let the paint dry completely.

Give you hedgehog a couple of coats of acrylic clear coat–follow the directions on the can.

Happy Crafting!

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