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It’s another gorgeous summer Friday! But before we head outside to enjoy the weather, we’ve got a cool craft to give away. This week’s winner will receive a Jacquard Lumiere Halo / Jewel Exciter Pack!

The Lumiere Exciter Pack contains stunning metallic paint that can be applied with brush, airbrush, stamp and sponge on a variety of surfaces including paper, polymer clay, cotton, leather, wood and more. This package contains nine 0.5-ounce bottles of Lumiere (555 Halo Pink Gold, 556 Halo Blue Gold, 557 Halo Violet Gold, 566 Metallic Russet, 554 Sunset Gold, 551 Pewter, 517 Pearlescent Turquoise, 572 Pearlescent Emerald and 573 Pearlescent Magenta).

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: Finish this sentence: “I craft because…”

If the comment box is not below, scroll to the top and click “replies”.

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About Kimberly

Kimberly is the Customer Service Manager at CreateForLess, and it is her voice you hear when you call our toll-free number. Her love for crafting started when she asked her mom to make her a quilt...instead her mom signed her up for a class so she could make her own, and she hasn't stopped crafting since!

83 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday

  1. kathleen a carpenter

    I craft because I love the visual and tactile feel of papers in creating all my paper projects

  2. Kelliy Anderson

    I craft because it gives me a creative outlet to express myself and to expand my knowledge of different craft supplies.

  3. Sharon Jonesy DeVore

    I craft because it keeps me sane during this very unsettled time. I get lost in the joy of creating! It keeps all the scary stuff away!

  4. Sandra

    I craft because the world and my job have changed so much that to know my hot glue will stick and my stash is there for the taking and other people’s ideas are shared on many blogs and vlogs that there is still some “norm” in life!

  5. Kimberly Morris

    I love it and I love surprising people with crafty treasures…the smile on their faces make crafting worth every penny & every ounce of effort all worth while.

  6. Diane Malek

    I craft because I am now retired and can work on the kits and materials I bought when I was working and did not have the time to use. Finding all kinds of goodies I have bought over the years that I can now create with. Yay retirement/crafting time!

  7. Joanne Castor

    I craft because I inherited the crafting gene from previous generations, it runs in our family through my mother’s side. Plus I am totally addicted and it’s incurable. It makes for a happy life!

  8. Janis Doyle

    I craft because I find it relaxing as well as rewarding. I work stressful jobs and it’s a great wind down after a long day

  9. Joanne Castor

    I craft because I inherited the crafting gene from previous generations, it runs in our family through my mother’s side. Plus I am totally addicted and it’s incurable, but it makes for a happy life!

  10. Joanne Castor

    I craft because I inherited the crafting gene from previous generations, it runs in our family through my mother’s side. Plus I am totally addicted and it’s incurable, but it makes for a happy life!

  11. Nancy Ervin

    I craft because I can relax and leave my cares behind and I am iften making cards or gifts for my fellow seniors I care for with ♡.

  12. Nancy Ervin

    I craft because I can relax as I am often making cards or gifts for my fellow seniors I care for with ♡.

  13. Hazel

    I craft because when I feel lost and confused I can find my way back and feel like me again.

  14. Krystal Wolf

    I craft because it keeps me sane! It’s my me-time, fun time, and art therapy all rolled together. Love it!

  15. Carmen

    I craft as a creative outlet and to relieve stress. Plus, it’s a fun activity to do with my family.

  16. Mary DeBrouwer

    I craft because I enjoy crocheting and cross stitching, I find it relaxing, and I like to give my projects to family and friends.

  17. Janice

    I craft because it makes me happy . Making beautiful projects for gifts or personal use is very gratifying and lifts spirits.

  18. L Ann Ramsen

    With enough stock to replenish a small country, I have to craft. It’s not true the one with the most craft supplies when they die wins, huh?

  19. Cheryl McGee

    I craft because I can’t help myself. It just comes natural. I love to make things, to try new things and improve on the crafts I’ve done before.

  20. Janet

    I craft because it is so much fun and stimulates my mind. I can’t finish one project before another pops in my mind. Never bored!

  21. Maureen Butler

    I love to craft because it’s relaxing, fun and it stimulates the old grey cells.

  22. Andrew Caro

    I craft because I Thrift Shop. I have yarn bought at 5% or less of retail. I have the remains of jewelry to be repaired or further taken apart and used in who knows what kind of project. I have fabric and clothing bought strictly for the material, to be sewn into new configurations. Not being able to shop lately has given me a chance to catch up a bit.

  23. Brenda L

    I craft because…I have to my niece and nephew would not have any photo albums of their baby pictures and I do it because of the joy I see on their faces when I finish a book. They are now 21 and 18 and they still love looking at how I make their pictures stand out with all the other stamps I use on their pages. It give me a reason that I got such a none crafty family

  24. Elizabeth McAdams

    I craft because it relaxes me and I like ton to new and unusual things, like making purses out of soda can tabs.

  25. Sharon Aurora

    I craft because it is relaxing and because it gives me joy to see the work of my hands take shape and then to give what I have made to others.

  26. Dianne

    I craft because I love making things for other people to enjoy! Whether it’s a scrapbook, card, tag or bookmark I love working with lots of different products and using my creative abilities.

  27. Betty

    I craft because I love surprises, and I am always surprised with the results of my efforts. I can never be sure that my finished product will be anything close to what I intended to create, but the fun is always there!

  28. Katie Amodio

    I craft because I love it! I love everything about it, the joy of creating, the textures, colors, variety and endlessly possibilities.

  29. Linda Crowley

    I craft because I like to send out joy. I make cards and love to send them to others to share happiness.

  30. Theresa H

    I craft because it is relaxing to me. I love making homemade gifts for family and friends.

  31. Christina Carpenter

    I craft because at the end of a long day, I want to enjoy something I like. I do so many different things, that as I drive home I get excited about creating something whatever it might be. I usually give things away after they are finished I love the joy and smiles I can give to others.

  32. Christina Carpenter

    I craft because at the end of a long day, I want to enjoy something I like. It brings me joy to create

  33. Denise Bryant

    Beautiful colors! These Lumiere paints would be fun to create with!
    I craft because I love the process of creating something with my hands! It gives me satisfaction to make special cards to send to friends and family.

  34. Kathy Walker

    I craft because it’s very relaxing and I like making items for family and friends and our pets and of course, myself.

  35. Kim Gutierrez

    I craft because I am always surprised how my alcohol ink projects come out better and totally different than how I imagined they would end up.

  36. Doris I Hoyt

    I craft because I can. Such a pleasure to make something with your hands, something beautiful, something useful, something to give as a gift. It is fun and we all seem to have extra time these days. Much better than just watching tv all the time!

  37. Michael

    As a senior, I find crafting keeps the mind active. Also it combats the boredom one might find in everyday life. This is true not only now with the restrictions we have, but for most seniors in everday life. I try to spread the news of activity to all my friends.

  38. Jeri Stewart

    I craft because it is a destresser. You can create and it takes your mind off this crazy world.

  39. Dianne G.

    I craft because it is relaxing and enjoyable. Any time I feel stressed I pickup a craft and start working until I forget what was bothering me.

  40. Jo-Ann Proetto

    I craft because I can be me like on the dance floor. I love making something out of nothing! I can visualize a piece of wood or a piece of fabric and see what I can make out if it in many different ways . I can see some sparkles or some stain or paint or jewelry or lace or leather or chain to carry my imagination in different directions with it. And then I go along I can change it and recreate it to something totally different than what I started out with or make several different varieties.

  41. Pam

    I craft because I love to make gifts for family and friends. (and me!) Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  42. Dawn

    I craft because I have an inner drive to make stuff, with lots of color, and hopefully it will make someone smile!
    It’s a great stress relief in these unsavory times.

  43. Catherine Pretznow

    I craft because i enjoy making things . Putting them together. What is most interesting is when its done and its not what you planned when you started. But its even better than you imagined

  44. Teresa C Willis

    I craft because I love to create beautiful things and I get to escape from the troubles of the world and my life. I love gems and jewels but lets face it I don’t have those things in real life but I can play with paints, pearl cardstock, glitters and shiny embellishments and that makes me happy. The bonus is that I get to gift the things I make and it makes me even happier to give.

  45. Cath T

    It makes me happy, and the creative problem solving process is a good mental challenge.

  46. Dana Norris

    I craft because I can’t NOT craft. It’s as important to me as breathing. No matter what I’m doing, if I’m crafting, no matter what it is I’m happy. I can’t imagine a life without it. It’s a large part of me and such a necessary part.

  47. Debbie Belanger

    I craft because it helps me forget my everyday stresses. It puts me into a fantasy world where the possibilities are endless!

  48. Randellyn Bossom

    I craft because it’s relaxing for me and I like to challenge myself creatively and bring a smile to others with what I make for them. It’s very satisfying to give creative gifts.

  49. Gail Plaskiewicz

    I craft because I can pick out a whole bunch of colorful beads, string them on some wire or stretchy cord & make a beautiful bracelet like I did last night. 6 each of yellow, orange, green, pink, blue & silver/white seed beads with grey stars as spacers that are gem stones but I can’t remember their name & make a bracelet for my dance teachers birthday party. I craft because I can turn a plain black & white coloring book page into something amazing with markers, glitter gel pens, colored pencils or crayons & sometimes Stickles & get 44 likes on Facebook with the most amazing comments! I craft because it just gets me right here when I see the smile on the faces of the people I give gifts to of stuff that I made. I craft because I used to do craft fairs & I loved my customers when they would buy something I made & then come back to my next show to buy something else. I craft because if I didn’t, during this virus I would go insane! LOL I also craft because I would rather it be made by me then some factory in China where it will fall apart next week.

  50. Maxine Johnston

    I craft because I get to see the world and all that it has to share. What more could I ask for.

  51. Martha Gunckel

    “Crafting” means different things to different people. I believe that God created us in His image to reflect Him in all His glory in whatever we create. ” God took dust from the ground and fashioned man with His hands and breathing His breath into Adams nostrils and man became a living being ( Genesis 2:7). We have in us the ability to craft/create something. I like watercolors that reflect God’s created light, and have been making cards for 30 years. I love learning about new products and seeing what other creative people have made. Color is a jewel from God’s creation, being reflected light. He gave us eyes to appreciate and be thankful for all we see in His creation. He gave us ears to hear the songs of the birds chirping, the wind rustling the trees, voices of loved ones, and so much more. “Be still and know that I am God” For me that means be silent to hear Him. He gave us tongues to taste our food and have pleasure in it. We can smell good and bad smells to our benefit. Then lastly is our sense of touch. Our hands execute and manipulate the card stock, cutter, stamps, ink, watercolors, brushes and pens, markers and paints, adhesives of all sorts, and a great variety of other tools. Sometimes I collect a few items and just “play” with them and let my senses and brain coordinate the creative process. Other times I use stamps and relax and just color the image, and then decide the arrangement of the card and any other items I want to try. Sometimes the creative decisions happen quickly and other times it happens slowly. Creating in the kitchen is another passion. Creating brings me joy and true joy is from God and in God. I am thankful my life includes being creative. It is a blessing!

  52. Janice Buttram

    I craft because it makes me feel centered; because it makes me feel connected to my father (who was extremely talented but is now gone); and lastly because it makes me feel special to create a thing…especially if it is made with things that would have ended up in a landfill.

  53. Mary Steinhardt

    I craft because I like to be creative and keep busy. Anything that I can create with my hands I am happy. I particularly like to craft or create my artwork on a rainy day.

  54. Lauren Siegel

    I craft because it makes me feel creative, productive, and complete.Sometimes I feel kind of empty and down; crafting changes that, and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

  55. Kimberly Post author

    Woo Hoo JOAN! You were randomly selected as this weeks winner. Please check your email for details on how to claim your prize.

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