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Happy Friday everyone! We have a fun and colorful giveaway this week, so let’s get right to it! This week’s winner will receive a Pro Art Mark Graphic Art Marker Set!

Pro Art Graphic Art Double Ended Markers feature both fine and chisel tip with an ergonomic triangular barrel. Alcohol based, low odor, permanent ink dries acid free. Transparent ink is ideal for layering. Colors: black, red, orange, lavender, yellow, lime, beige, light blue, golden yellow, green, blue, and teal.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: What is your favorite summer memory from your childhood, or your children’s?

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Kimberly is the Customer Service Manager at CreateForLess, and it is her voice you hear when you call our toll-free number. Her love for crafting started when she asked her mom to make her a quilt...instead her mom signed her up for a class so she could make her own, and she hasn't stopped crafting since!

63 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Wendy

    Being a carefree kid, being dropped off at the country club to swim & hang out with my friends for the day….

  2. Janet Cobb

    My favorite summer memory is my wedding on July 23, 1971. That was the beginning of 40 beautiful years together before losing my husband to brain cancer. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything.

  3. Rose

    My favorite childhood memory is fishing and crabbing on my parents pier. Still love doing it whenever I get a chance.

  4. Catherine Wilborn

    My favorite memories with my 4 children since our summers were really hot in Florida was sitting at the table doing art, drawing, coloring, talking, drinking ice cold kool-aid and laughing with each other.

  5. Suzanne Havlicek

    Currently walking out the 300 foot backyard of the Lil house we rent to the lake with 13 year old grandson we have custody of in our retirement years to kayak and swim with him to keep my disabled body moving to keep up with him.

  6. Suzanne Havlicek

    Currently walking out the 300 foot backyard of the Lil house we rent to the lake with 13 year old grandson we have custody of in our retirement years to kayak and swim with him to keep my disabled body moving.

  7. Valerie Harris

    At the end of the summer if we attendant all the local summer Vacation Bible schools, we would receive a really large watermelon. As incouragement to attend all of them. So I remember especially this one summer my baby sister was old enough to go to the VBS’s with us and her receiving and carry a watermelon and look like it was twice her size up the street. we lived in a rural area so we had to walk almost a mile home. And me and my middle sister kept telling her “you dropped that watermelon you not getting any of ours”, She must have set that watermelon down 50 times before we reach the house but she never dropped it. That was the funniest summer and the best because we had three watermelons at the end of it.

  8. Deb Snyder

    My favorite thing to do was to take my drawing pad outside and draw anything and everything I could see. Those were such fun times for me.

  9. Kim

    Walking through the woods and near the lake, collecting all sorts of goodies to take home and make crafts out of! I went through a ton of glue!

  10. Cheryl

    Every once in awhile my dad would take me and my sisters, and a few of the neighborhood kids to the drive-in movies in the back of his pick up truck.

  11. Suzanne Robinson

    Riding around in the country with my grandfather in his 1940s blue Ford pickup and stopping at the end of the day for a frozen coke at the country store.

  12. Virta Walter

    Living in military housing in New York and the lake was right out our back door.

  13. Katie

    Spending all summer planning way 4-H projects, then waiting until the last week before the county fair to start actually working on them. I always ended up working well into the night on scrapbooks, educational posters and binders, craft projects, photography displays, and tons of other projects. I would have nightmares about page protectors and wake up with double-sided tape on my face, but the end results were always worth it.

  14. Eunice Hayes

    Every year we participated in 4-H and exhibited our projects at the fair. My favorite summer activity was sharing that experience with friends and family. Showing what I learned or what I made was so much fun!


    The summer all 4 of my children learned to swim in the beautiful lakes in Arkansas. They started out with life-jackets of course; but by the week’s end they had learned to swim beautifully. I was so happy about this because I never learned to swim and I surely wanted my children to learn,

  16. Carmen

    My favorite childhood memory is when the children in our neighborhood (and there were a lot!) got together and created a circus.

  17. Denise Bryant

    Ohhhhh…. these markers look awesome! Beautiful colors!
    My favorite summer memory is of a camping trip my family took to Yosemite when I was about 9 or 10. We rented a camper and had the best time swimming and sightseeing.

  18. Brenda

    Taking my sister’s 4 kids to Nebraska so they could have the carefree child’s way of life we grew up with in the 60’s and 70’s were no parents had to be with us. We borrowed bikes to ride and they would leave me at our motel room and they would some time be gone for hours. Just a different way of life from California and never going any where without their parents with them. Small town living. Great 3 months every year now they are away at college and I don’t get to see them much any more.

  19. Kathy Walker

    My favorite childhood memory is in the weekend came, we headed down to the lake. Enjoyed riding on the pontoon boat, fishing, camping,swimming, riding in the speed boat,skiing, enjoying other family members that camped with us. Roasting marshmallows over the campfire. Good times.

  20. lee

    My favorite childhood memory was a camping trip around Lake Superior, through MI, Canada and WI! So much fun!

  21. Dianne

    As one of seven children my grandparents would take turns having one of us at a time to spend a week with them. We would swim in the river, make crafts with hollyhocks, eat popsicles, drink soda and just enjoy being alone with them.

  22. Nancy D

    Waking up early and going to the morning camp program with my cousin. After that we would pack a lunch and spend the rest of the day at the towns pool. Our days were full with fun and activities!

  23. Sticker Lady

    Probably visiting my grandparents’ farm in w Virginia, and also playing with girls from church and my one neighbor!

  24. Betty

    My favorite: As a nine year old, who was small for my age, I begged my mother to let me ride my first bike to where my daddy worked, so I could give him a ride home. Tired as he must have been, he got on the back of that bike and let me take him home. I remember how hard it was to get the bike to move and keep it moving. I never realized that he was pushing with his feet to keep it going. Men he worked with, and usually carpooled with, drove by and stopped to tell me how lucky Daddy was to have such a grown up daughter. The most wonderful words I heard were that I looked just like my daddy.

  25. Mary

    My Mother at 83 yrs old “No one said” let me vacuum hallway one more time” on their deathbed. Life’s to short, enjoy yourself”! Summer of 2007, she died at my home holding my hand.

  26. Nancy Gawron

    Best Summer Memory, was the family vacation at a cabin in the woods, on a lake.
    My sisters and I spent a lot of time swimming, picking berries and roaming through the woods.
    It was a few weeks of absolute freedom for three little city girls.

  27. Theresa H

    My favorite memory with my daughter was a week vacation staying in a cabin with my her, her Dad and my father in law was with us. We went fishing, called turkeys, cut firewood for the pot belly stove, played cards and had a really good time with all of us together.

  28. Tara

    We had a great summer babysitter when I was very young. Her name was Lena, and she was So. Good. at coloring… she would take my stumpy crayons and my rudimentary coloring book and make the most be-yoo-ti-ful things. I was star-struck!

  29. Tammie Kelly

    When my sisters and I were young my Mom worked full time. During the summer she would come home at lunch time to pick us up, go to Jack in the Box to get us lunch and take us to the park to eat and play for awhile. I think it was on Fridays because she worked at a bank and had to stay late on Fridays so she had a long lunch break. My other favorite memory is every summer I got to spend weeks with my grandparents. I could stay as long as I wanted and she spoiled me rotten!!

  30. Doris I Hoyt

    Taking my kids to the park to play on the equipment or the lake for swimming. It was especially great when dad could be with us.

  31. Melinda

    My favorite childhood memory is with my family and I going Camping, swimming & waterskiing together! It was the best of times!

  32. Shirley Brown

    The summer my best friend and I learned to water ski. We went every Sunday, it was Wonderful.

  33. Teresa C Willis

    My favorite memory from my summer childhood was that me and my brother and sister were able to walk across town and go to the big town swimming pool and stay there all day long, eating junk food and swimming with all of our friends. It was a safe world then so we were able to walk home after a long day of play without mishap or anything bad happening to us. It is a different world now, very sad that children today can’t experience being safe.

  34. Sharon Aurora

    My parents taking us kids on picnics and swimming with our aunts, uncles, and cousins. We always had a blast and came home in the evening exhausted and then chatting on the porch in the cool of the evening until it was bedtime. To repeat what Melinda above said, It was the best of times!

  35. Terry Barth

    When we were kids we did no have much money to do any thing in the summer and my mother would back up a basket of chicken , salad, etc and we would walk to a park that was called Carol park and play all day… even some of the neighbor kids would come. Playing ball, badminton game etc. She always made it funny. And in the evening …because it was hot in Baltimore Md, we would wait for the snow ball truck…I miss the snowballs …the rootbeer w/marshmallow was so good.

  36. Gail Plaskiewicz

    I have a few. One would be the year my parents bought us a square swimming pool with metal seats in the corners. The bottom of the pool had blue dolphins on it.The seats were red, the pool was blue. Perfect for little kids. It was a kiddie pool. We had so much fun with my sisters & the neighbors. We have movies of all of this. My dad loved to take movies & boy am I glad!
    The second time was the time we went to Hawaii. It was such a beautiful place & I almost didn’t get to go because my new boss wasn’t about to let me go. My dad had to go to where I worked to tell them I was going. My boss was mad but I went. I’ve only visited once & will probably never go again but it was the vacation of my dreams.

  37. Renee

    I remember the smell of Russian Olive trees in Los Alamos, NM. I don’t think they grow in WA.

  38. Ima Maia

    My favorite summer memory was visiting the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. That may sound strange, and frankly it was the most devastating museum out of the many I have visited. However, I’ll always greatly value learning the truly horrific reality of the atrocities committed and how my relatives were involved and affected. It impacted my worldview so powerfully and changed the way I have chosen to live my life. I was 14 years old.

  39. Dianne Strickland

    It had to be the summer my grandparents took my sisters and I to Disneyland when I was 13. I was just happy my sisters got to go, me I was waiting to go to San Fransico. My Grandma lived there during WWII where she worked in an airplane Plant. I just wanted to see where all her stories where

  40. Diane R

    My favorite summer memory is walking to the local swimming hole with my family. This is about the only time my dad could do fun things with us because we were a family of 10 and my dad worked a lot. He is going to be 92 in October and its hard to believe he used to throw us around in the water. I love you Dad!

  41. Andrew Caro

    Since my birthday is in July, many years have special memories. We usually celebrated by going somewhere fun, like a theme park or the zoo, rather than having a party.One of my favorites was Frontier Village, an old west theme.

  42. Kimberly Post author

    Carmen- Congratulations, you were randomly selected as this weeks winner. Please look for an email with details of how to claim your prize!!

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