Upcycled Apron

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Spending more time in the kitchen lately? Homemade meals taste delicious but cooking stains can be a pain to wash out of clothing. Dive into your fabric stash to make yourself an apron. Or follow my lead and upcycle an old tablecloth. If you are a beginner sewer this is an excellent project to practice your skills. This pattern will also teach you how to do a French seam.






If using an existing tablecloth, wash and iron it first. My tablecloth frayed terribly when I cut it so I used my serger to sew around all raw edges. If your fabric does not fray you can skip this step.

Cut out two pieces for your apron. I made the upper and lower pieces the following dimensions:

Your upper piece measurements should be a shape that covers your chest. For your lower piece, make it as long as you like. I’m a messy baker so mine is extra long and covers my mid calves.

You will join the upper and lower pieces using a French seam. This will make a flat seam that is smooth on both sides. Plus it will give a professional look to your work. Overlap the top of the lower piece with the bottom of the upper piece ½”.

Pinch fabric, fold upward and pin into place. This will cover each end with fabric from the other piece.

Sew along the edge of the fold with backside facing up.

Then repeat this for the other edge with the front side facing up.

Now you have a seam that will lie flat against your stomach.

Fold over the outer edges of the apron ½” and sew into place.

Apron pockets can be any size you prefer. I made two 9” x 7” each.

Fold sides and bottom edge over ⅝” and pin into place. Fold over the top pocket ½”. Folding over twice will cover the raw edge. Sew top piece down only.

Place the pockets over the apron, repin and sew. I made my pockets big enough to hold my cell phone.

Next up you’ll make neck and waist ties. Cut two strips for the neck and two for the waist. I cut mine 24” x 4” and 30” x 4”.

Ties can be made however long you like. I prefer two ties for the neck so I don’t have to squeeze my head through.

Fold in half longwise and sew into place.

Turn ties right side out. This step is a slow one but it hides the seams. Plus no edges rubbing against your neck!

Tuck the ends into the tubes and sew.

Pin one end of ties to the top corners and waist edges.

Sew a small rectangle to secure ties to the apron.

NOTE: Though my measurements seemed perfect, once I sewed my ties on the upper piece was too wide for my chest. If you don’t like your finished shape grab your seam ripper and fabric scissors. I removed my ties, trimmed off 2” off each upper corner and tapered the cut down to the waist seam. Then I resewed the edges and resewed my neck ties down again.

Cut off loose threads. Now you have an apron that will protect your clothes from food stains. My apron is already in heavy use in my kitchen.

With an open back it won’t get too hot in the summer.

You can store your apron in your favorite mixing bowl for easy access.

Craft on!

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