Net Jar Lantern

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a beach-themed lantern for your patio with this easy tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, paint your jar.  I mixed a few drops of sea foam colored acrylic paint into my Mod Podge, and then brushed it onto my jar.  I did a couple of coats, and let it dry in between coats.

Cut 8 pieces of jute that are 1-yard in length.

Loosely tie a piece of jute around the neck of your jar, making sure you can slip a finger underneath it..

Fold one of your yard long jute pieces in half.  Push the loop up under the piece you tied around the jar neck, and pull the two ends of your long piece though the loop.  You want to attach the long piece of jute to the short piece around the neck like you would attach a luggage tag.

Attach the other 7 pieces of jute to the piece around the jar neck in the same manner, evenly spacing them around.

To begin knotting your net, take the right-side tail of jute below one slip-knot, and the left-side tail from the knot to the right.  Hold them together like they’re one piece of jute, and tie a knot.  We’re not tying a knot like you would a shoelace, we’re tying a knot like you’re working with a single piece of jute.

Next, grab the right-side tail of the knot that you just used the left-side tail of, and then the right-side tail of the next slip knot  to the right.  Once again, hold them together as one piece, and tie a knot.  Continue around the top row of the jar making knots right below the row of slip knots.

Next, repeat the same knotting method that you used on the top row, only now you’ll be working below the first row of knots that you made.  Right-side tail of one knot, left-side tail of the next knot to the right, hold together as one, and tie a knot.

Continue this knotting process all the way down the jar until your knots reach the bottom edge.

Take another piece of jute, and weave it in, and out of the holes formed just above the knots, around the bottom edge of your jar.

Pull to tighten, tie a knot, and cut off the tails.

Grab two of the tails, and tuck them up and over the piece you tied around the jar.

Take the same two tails, and combine them with the two tails next door, so you’re holding 4 pieces now.  Tuck that bunch of 4 up and over the piece tied around the jar a little further over.

Continue this combining and tucking method clear around the base of the jar, tucking short ends under.  When you get all the way around, trim the remaning ends, as needed, or simply just tuck them in as well.  Add a dab of glue, if needed, to hold in place.

You’ll be left with a bottom border that looks a bit like a rope.

Cut a yard long length of jute, and tie it around the neck of the jar, leaving long tails.  Wrap the tails around the jar in opposite directions.  Double knot to secure, and trim the ends as desired.

Pop some battery, or solar lights into your lantern, or a candle, and enjoy your handiwork!

Happy Crafting!

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