Magic Cube Toy

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a fun, and facinating toy with cubes and duct tape–you’ll be amazed with this mezmerizing, and puzzling cube.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

For each cube toy, you will need 8 of the small cubes.  To begin, place the cubes together in pairs, make sure the 2 cubes in each each pair are snug up against each other.  Cut a strip of duct tape the width of your cubes, and tape each pair together along the top edges.

Take two of the pairs you just taped together, and put them side by side, so you have a row of cubes.  Take a strip of tape, and tape the two middle cubes together on the front side (as shown by the strip of orange tape in the photo).  Repeat with the second set of cubes.

Now take the two sets of cubes, and arrange them back-to-back, so the middle portion that you just taped on each set is facing out on each side.

Take the two cubes on the left side of your group of cubes, and flip them up on top.  Tape the top of the two cubes together, as shown by the orange tape.

Flip the right two cubes up top, and tape the two together as well.  You now have a cube of smaller cubes.  This is your magic cube.  It will fold, and un-fold now like it’s supposed to, but we’re going to reinforce some of the seams.

Fold, and unfold your cube until you find an exposed “hinge” in the duct tape.  Apply a piece of tape perpendicularly across the exposed hinge, covering the two joined cubes.  Keep folding and unfolding your cube until you’ve reinforced all of the exposed duct tape hinges.

Now, use your markers to decorate the bare sides of your cube with fun patterns, and drawings.

You will find 4 undecorated “sides” when you fold, and unfold your cube.

Happy Crafting!

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