Paracord Python

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a fun paracord snake with this simple tutorial–this is a great project to make together with the kids!

Here’s what you’ll need to make you own:

To begin, choose 2 colors of paracord.  Cut a 9-foot length of each piece.

Next, we’re going to join the two different colored pieces of paracord by melting one end of each color, and then quickly pushing them together.  Let them cool for a few seconds, and then quickly roll the joined area between your fingers to help join them togther.  Be careful, the plastic gets really melty, and hot.  Warm the joined area with the lighter again, if needed, until fully joined.

Form the joined area of the paracord into a “U” shape, place a pencil across the “U,” and then pull the ends of the paracord up over the pencil, and through the loop.  Pull tight to secure.

Lay the pencil secured end onto a ruler, with the tails of the paracord laid out flat along the ruler.  Measure 12-inches down the paracord, and holding the cords together as one, tie a knot.

Bring the ends of the paracord back down, one piece on each side of the knot.

Duct tape the knotted end down to a flat surface.

To begin the first knot, take the left cord (the yellow cord in my photo) up over the TOP of both of the middle cords.  Bring the right cord (the white cord in my photo) UNDER the two middle cords, and bring the end up though the loop on the left side (the yellow loop).  Bring the end of the left cord up though the loop on the right.    Pull tight to secure.

Next, grab the cord on the left side, and go UNDER the two middle cords, and back up over the middle cords, and through the loop you formed on the left side.

Pull tight, sliding the knot up to the top.

Now grab the cord on the right side, and go over the TOP of the two middle cords, around behind them, and up though the loop on the right.   Pull tight, sliding the knot to the top.

Use both cords again to create a knot like you did the very first time–Left cord over the TOP of the middle, right cord UNDER the middle.  Left end comes out of the loop on the left, right end goes into the loop on the right.

Pull the knot tight, and slide to the top.

Keep up the pattern–Whole knot (both cords), left knot, right knot, whole knot, left knot, right knot, etc..  Repeat until you get down to the last 2-inches by the pencil.

Pull the pencil out, and unfold the end so you have a loop to make the head.

Fold a short length of cord into a little bundle, and wrap with duct tape.  Tape into the middle of the loop to add some bulk to form the head.

Cut a short piece of cord, melting the ends so it doesn’t fray.  Duct tape the end onto the piece you added to the middle of the head. Continue your knotting pattern up over the head.

Finish your snake head with a couple of the whole knots, pulling them tightly around the tongue to secure.  Trim the ends, melt to keep them from fraying, and tuck underneath while they’re still melty to hide them.

Use your E6000 to adhere eyes to the head.  Let dry.

There are many different knots you can use to make your snake.

I tried a different one on the second snake that I made.

Happy crafting!

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