Ear Savers

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Wearing masks can help keep us healthy but can also wear on our tender ears. If you find yourself cringing every time you slip on a mask to go to the grocery store, make up some ear savers. This pattern crochets up fast and easily attaches to the elastic straps on your masks. After sewing a fabric mask, crochet up an ear saver strip and slip it on. With the pressure gone, your ears will thank you.

This pattern is perfect for beginner crocheters and to use up scrap yarn.





Gauge is not a critical factor in this project. However, new crocheters may wish to crochet a swatch to ensure they are using an appropriate hook size for their chosen yarn.

Color Details
Ear savers can be made with yarn to coordinate with face masks.


BO – bind off
CH – chain
DC – double crochet


I worsted weight acrylic yarn and an F size crochet hook.

CO 30 stitches

Turn work

CO 3 more stitches to set up for DC.

DC across chain

Since you’re only doing one row, your crochet will curl. Don’t sweat it, this makes the strip curve around the head.


Tie beginning and end yarn tails together to mimic the curve of the other end.

With worsted weight yarn, ear saver will measure roughly 6.5”

Sew a button onto each end of row

Since thread knots easily pull through yarn, loop thread through yarn and then itself to secure.

To attach to mask, slide one end of the ear saver around the mask’s elastic band.

The DC stitches make for natural buttonholes.

Loop a button around each elastic band. You can do this first and then slide mask into place. I leave one side attached, slip my mask on and then slide the second button into place.

The ends wrap around the elastic so can be moved up or done for comfort.

Ear savers pull the elastic away from your ears, saving them from abrasion.

Since they are made out of yarn they feel soft against the head.

Ear savers made with 30 stitches are longer so they are adjustable for different head sizes. My head is smaller so I made mine using 20 stitches.


CO 20 stitches

CO 3 more stitches to set up for DC.

DC across chain


Finish the same as for the larger size.

NOTE: Smaller ear savers have less room for adjustment but otherwise work the same as the larger ones.

Stay healthy, stay safe and craft on!

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4 thoughts on “Ear Savers

  1. kathleen conner

    Too too fantastic for words, and a way to benefit my neighbors too We’ve all got ear fatigue, some with big ears like me can’t seem to keep the elastic from slipping off of our ears. You are a life saver, Thanks

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