Baby Bunting

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Need a gift for an expecting friend? Baby bunting is an easy, quick craft project to make.

Sewn onto lace trim, the colorful triangles of this baby bunting create a festive atmosphere in any room. Made in softer tone colors it’s a great gift for a baby shower. Made in your own favorite colors this easy to make banner will brighten up your own home.



Lace Trim
Fabric glue – optional no-sew supply

Color Details
This pattern is easily adapted to various color patterns.

Cut a 3” x 5” triangle out of card stock.

Use pattern to trace 10 triangles. For my bunting I chose five colors and made two triangles of each color.

Optional seam allowance: I cut my triangles exactly 3” x 5” with no seam allowance. If you prefer you can add a 1/4” one. Since bunting typically hangs near the ceiling the likelihood of fraying is minimal so I recommend not adding a seam allowance. Cut ten triangles.

Cut 45” of lace trim. Space triangles 1.5” apart. Pin in place.

Sew a straight seam along top of lace trim.

Sew another straight seam along the bottom of the trim. Instead of stopping sewing at each triangle, I sewed continuously down the length of the trim. By choosing a matching thread, the seam will blend right into the trim.

No Sew Option: Instead of sewing, glue triangles to lace trim

Clip loose threads.

Roll up the bunting and wrap in tissue paper. This helps disguise the gift so it can be an utter surprise to the expecting parents.

The bunting can be hung up with tape or thumbtacks to bring cheer to the new baby’s room.

Craft on!



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