Free Stuff Friday!!

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Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are staying happy and healthy…and crafting! This week I decided to replenish one lucky person’s cardstock stash and have this Paper Accents Cardstock Rainbow Pack to give away.

Paper Accents Cardstock Rainbow Packs include several complementary colors that make completing your projects quick and easy. Great for party decorations, scrapbook pages, cards, crafts, and more. Acid free. Pack includes 25 sheets each of 10 colors that include: black, white, brown, purple, blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. 12 x 12 inch. 65 lb. 250 pc.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: What TV show have you binge watching during your time at home?

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About Kimberly

Kimberly is the Customer Service Manager at CreateForLess, and it is her voice you hear when you call our toll-free number. Her love for crafting started when she asked her mom to make her a quilt...instead her mom signed her up for a class so she could make her own, and she hasn't stopped crafting since!

122 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Deb.E. Ring

    The television show that I have been “binge watching during this quarantine” is a show named 48 Hours.

  2. Janet Cobb

    I am a Senior CAREgiver, an essential healthcare worker…so no stay-at-home binge watching for me.

  3. Barb

    Haven’t had time to binge watch. Too busy making face masks. So I am binge making face masks!

  4. Teresa Garber

    I have binge watched Gilmore Girls! I am a healthcare worker and have been working, but when I get home to relax I did.

  5. Danyelle Dillon

    Hey! I have been watching a lot of shows, Chicago PD, Station 19, Blue Bloods, Grey’s Anatomy, New Amsterdam, Chicago Fire, 9-1-1, For Life, and Tommy just to name a few. I also binged watched Pandemics on Netflix. Learned a lot and it’s scary. However, while I watch tv I am also making cards by the dozens that I am sending out to the assisted living places. I have sent 60 cards to 3 places so far. I make several cards a day. I am looking for more addresses that wants cards sent to them. I only have 4 more addresses to go but I want to do more.

  6. Wendy

    Our son shared his Netflix account with us so we’re now watching random movies for entertainment.

  7. Dee

    We’ve been watching “Lock n Key” while making mask for my daughter and her husband’s co-workers. They both are out there every day and this is our way of giving back!
    I usually make some kind of gift box or treat box to send to each of my daughter’s co-workers each month (30 of them) and cardstock is always welcomed!

  8. Alexis Creel

    I’ve been making face masks for local nursing homes and watching Mountain Men daily –

  9. Cheryl Bedard

    I haven’t been binge watching tv. I have been binge cleaning and prepping. I am a home daycare provider so I have been deep cleaning my home for when the kids return. I am also preparing a lot of craft and work for when the return.

  10. Donna

    I have been binge watching a BBC show called New Tricks, I love it! It helps pass the time as I make masks for a local nursing care facility that my daughter works at.

  11. Marissa M.

    I watched Tiger King (like everyone else) and am currently watching all of The Magicians.

  12. Gabriella Bell

    Not a tv show but we are watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Kids are loving it.

    PS, thanks for featuring Cardstock made in the USA.

  13. Sharon F.

    I have been binge watching all the old westerns: Wagon Train, Bonanza, Half Gun Will Travel, etc.

  14. Vencine Martin

    Not so much binge watching, but catching up on all my shows that I haven’t had time to watch. If you want to binge watch a good show, try Call the Midwife on Netflix. So good!

  15. Judy

    I don’t watch tv too much. I’ve been sewing (fabric face masks) and have a few closets I need to clean out. And then there’s my new (painting) hobby I began that I’d like to get back to. Oh, I also have a new ukulele I’d like to learn to play with you tube lessons…..

  16. NancyB from Many LA

    We watched the compete Jesse Stone series (Tom Selleck), and we’re watching old (1930-1950) movies

  17. Tina Phillips

    Haven’t really watched anything lol. I’ve kept busy with cleaning and crafting. (Not necessarily in that order lol). My better half however, binged The Tiger King and has been watching something about people who climb Mt Everest the past 2 days.

  18. Maria Shehan

    I have Netflix, Holu, Amazon, HBO and YouTube. I had been watching old movies on TMC but got tired seeing same movie over and over. I like movies with excitement, drama, crime,etc.

  19. Laura Graham

    I got myself totally hooked on British soaps! I am currently watching four shows. If you search around there are years of back dated content. Really keeps me entertained.

  20. Betty Anne

    “Midsummer Murders” and “Are You Being Served” are favorites for binge watching. Art videos on You Tube are also great.

  21. Jen Leach

    I have been watching Chicago PD, Chicago Med & Chicago Fire. I like how they interact with each other.

  22. Carmen

    We signed up for Disney+ right before the Safer at Home initiative and have been binging on Phineas & Ferb

  23. Sue

    When I watch TV (not often) it is usually Blue Bloods but during this time at home I am scrapping and scrapping and organizing and cleaning out the “stuff” I never use. I get busy and the days are flying by. I’ve completed a scrapbook and am half way into another!

  24. Brenda L

    Don’t have much time I’m still working for a Media/Magazine but I do like watching all the NCIS shows that I have been taping and still have back to November.

  25. Gracie McDaniel

    I have really really been depressed… I stooped so low I watched every episode of Tiger King!!!!

  26. Vivian Cohan

    I binge watched “The Lake Erie Murders” on the ID channel. On the lighter side I also turn on the Hallmark channel Saturday morning and watch it until Sunday night. My family laughs at me because they can’t figure out how I like murder and mysteries on one minute and love stories the next.
    Keeps them guessing.

  27. Peggy Urell

    I binge watch differently then most. Not much TV, but I get on Pinterest and I am there for hours pinning all kinds of ideas in many categories, especially scrapping of cards and page layouts.

  28. Nichole Dills

    We have been binge watching Castle and Bones! I was lucky to be able to grab a couple of seasons from my library before they shut down.

  29. Paige Burgess

    I have been binge watching America’s Next Top Model, they have all 22 seasons on Hulu!

  30. Judy Stolz

    none at all; I have been too busy sewing quilts – leftovers in the pile – and bags to watch too much tv.

  31. B Garcia

    The Crown, Hallmark movies, saved movies on DVR, You Tube crafting organization, card making

  32. Kelly OBrien

    As an emergency worker, I haven’t been home to binge anything since people still need police, paramedics and firefighters. I’d love a little time to catch up on tv, though, or maybe watch Remington Steele or Hart to Hart in a handful of long sessions.

  33. Teresa C Willis

    I have binged: married at first sight, zumbo’s deserts season 1 and 2, and I got caught up on the TLC’s 7 little Johnston’s. whew.. lot of tv watching.

  34. Lisa Kurasz

    I have been enjoying watching Scrubs. My daughter showed me a clip of Dr Cox sound bites and I had to try a show, and then I was hooked. It was fun while it lasted.

  35. Sandy Harvey

    Married at First Sight and the Bachelor: Listen to your Heart and Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19….all good shows. Love having the recordings to watch at my leisure between craft projects!

  36. Sue Walls

    I don’t watch tv, but I’ve been binge watching card making on You Tube on my phone. That pack of paper would make a lot of cards!

  37. MaryAnn

    I have been very busy with my sewing projects and catching up on A million little things. Also making cards for the folks in nursing homes.

  38. cindy vaughn

    I recently made ten masks for my family. While I was working on a scrapbook of my travels from 2018. I also made a card for one of our neighbors who is a healthcare provider at the local hospital and an Army Vet from iraq war.

  39. Sharon Aurora

    We don’t have TV, but I have watched lots of Bluprint classes during their free access time this week.

  40. Thea King

    I am binge watching McLeod’s Daughters, but it is soon going to end.!! Oh my. what shall I choose next?

  41. Carol in Napa

    The Wire (again), and this week we started the new season of Bosch, which is a little confusing since some of the stars are in both series.

  42. Betty Horne

    I have been binge watching crocheting you tubes and Bod Squad you tube .And others .I hope you all are doing good and keeping safe.God bless you all .Good luck everyone on the awesome giveaway and God bless you all.Jesus Saves.

  43. Diane Bruce

    No binge watching but I do like to watch Cake Boss, Buddy verses Duff and Kids Spring Baking Championship.

  44. Dianne G.

    We have mostly watched movies on Netflix but we did watch Season 1 of Virgin River and can’t wait for the next season to air. We also watched Anne with an E and enjoyed it.

  45. D.L.

    I am watching “FBI” -we had a bunch recorded and I like the characters on the show.
    BTW I make cards and find it relaxing and therapeutic. I hope I win the card stock!

  46. Gail Plaskiewicz

    I haven’t been binge watching anything! I’ve been card making & coloring. I’ve been watching my regular shows because a lot of them are going off for the season. However, with my card making I would put that paper to good use. It would also be good for some bookmarks I would like to make for our library when it opens up.

  47. Carol Newman

    I’ve been binging House this week. And way too much time on Netflix, but i’m crafting at the same time. I’ve loved the break from my regular hectic schedule.

  48. Dawn Braddock

    Question of the week: What TV show have you binge watching during your time at home?

    I’ve been binging Westworld and When Calls The Heart – I know, I know…two completely different kinds of shows!!

  49. Mary Beth Mullen

    We are diehard British drams fans. Our latest binge watching show is “Midsummer Murder.”

  50. Monica

    We’ve been watching more movies than anything. Introducing my daughter to a lot of classic Disney movies. She’s a BIG fan of Herbie!!

  51. Chrissy H.

    My family has been binge watching, “Just add Magic,” on Amazon. We can only watch PG in our house, but it is a good series.

  52. Kesa

    I have been binge watching a wonderful Korean drama called Love Rain. Its so beautiful. The scenery and the actors are all so beautiful. So fun to watch.

  53. Sue

    I’ve been binge watching all kinds of sewing shows on YouTube. So easy to do . . . they just keep rolling from one to another! Have learned lots of new techniques and ideas.


    I am doing lots of sleeping, using computer much more, binge watching TV and Amazon Prime movies, and eating my way into oblivion. I want to do some painting and sewing, but so far, just these things. I guess being made to stay in changes things…

  55. Pam Donahue

    Initially Ozark! Then caught up on Better Call Saul. Then found out Heidi Klum has new fashion show on Prime Amazon, so got caught up on that. And I stream crafting channels from England!

  56. Tami Williams

    I started with Crossing Jordan and The Doris Day Show on Prime and then moved on to Scott & Bailey and caught up on Murdoch’s Mysteries and Doc Martin all on AcornTV and will soon switch over to Brit Box to catch up on Vera and Death in Paradise. We had already finished 800 Words on Acorn but it’s worth watching!

  57. Kimberly Post author

    Yay! You were randomly selected as this weeks winner. Please look for an email with how to claim your prize.

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