Polka Dot Bunny Painting

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a cute, and easy painting to celebrate Spring.  This simple painting technique is easy, and fun for both kids and adults!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, print a copy of Polka Dot Bunny pdf.  Cut out the 8×10 bunny.  I’ve also included a smaller bunny, if you want to paint a smaller bunny on a project.  Using small pieces of double sided tape, or small loops of normal tape, cover the back of the paper bunny with pieces of tape.  Stick your bunny to the middle of the canvas.

Dip the tip of a Q-Tip into your first color of acrylic paint.  Using an up and down motion, create polka dots with your Q-Tip all around the edge of the bunny cutout.

Repeat with your next color of paint.

Continue adding colored polka dots around your bunny, extending as far out on your canvas as you desire.

No matter how few, or many colors you use, be sure to cover the entire edge of your paper bunny so you wind up with a nice, crisp outline.

Let dry, and then carefully peel your paper bunny off of the canvas.

Using your white glue, attach a big, white pom-pom tail onto the backside of your bunny.  Let dry.

Happy Crafting!




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