Baby Burp Cloths

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

This spring I have several friends expecting babies. I wanted to make something cute but also practical. Burp cloths fit this description perfectly. This pattern will teach you how to make a simple burp cloth that looks like a whimsical creature.






Cut a 30” x 10” rectangle of the animal print fabric. (Color A)

NOTE: I found this cute giraffe fabric in the baby section of a fabric store. If you can’t find an animal print, choose a solid color. The added eyes and ears will give the cloth an animal character.

Cut a matching 30” x 10”piece out of a color coordinated fabric. (Color B)

Fold in half and mark the center of the rectangle. Cut out a notch on each side that is six inches long. Make the notch a half oval shape 6” long. The deepest part of the notch will be ¾”.

Curve the corners of the rectangle. I traced around my measuring tape container to make my curves.

Cut out two 3.5” x 2.5” rectangles of Color A and of Color B fabrics. Curve one short end of the rectangles. I used my  measuring tape container again to make these curves.

Sew Color A ear piece to Color B ear piece. I sewed a straight stitch then a zigzag to reinforce. Turn right side out.

Cut two circles out of white felt with a 1.75” diameter

I used the water cup for my iron to make my eyes.

Cut two smaller circles out of black felt with a .75” diameter. I used a dime to make the smaller circles.

Pin ears and eyes to one end of Color A rectangle. Instead of measuring I pinned mine on at jaunty angles to increase the whimsical look.

Sew ears onto Color A rectangle.

Sew white circles onto Color A rectangle. Sew black circles on top of white circles. Putting black circles off center makes the eyes more dramatic.

Sew a few stitches of white thread onto the black circles to make the eyes pop even more.

Pin Color A and Color B rectangles together, right sides facing each other.

Sew around the border with a ¼” seam allowance. Leave a gap on the smaller edge of the rectangle (the side without the eyes and ears).

Turn burp cloth right side out and sew closed.

NOTE: More advanced sewers may wish to hand sew an invisible seam.


Cut loose threads

I made a pair of burp cloths because new parents can’t have two many.

Wrap up burp cloths and present them at a baby shower. Mine got plenty of oohs and ahhs!

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