No-Sew Fabric Carrots

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make some cute fabric carrots to set out by your bunnies for spring decorating–no sewing needed, just a glue gun!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Cut a rectangle of fabric that is as long as you want your carrot to be tall.  Pretend that there is an imaginary line drawn diagonally from the top right corner, to the bottom left.  Fold the top left corner over to touch the invisible center line, and you’ll see how we’re going to form our carrots.

In fact, each rectangle will make 2 carrots.

Cut your rectangle in half on this imaginary diagonal line, so you are left with two triangles.

Take your first triangle, good side of the fabric facing up, the point of the triangle facing you.  Run a bead of glue along the left hand edge from top to bottom.

Working quickly, fold the opposite long edge over, and stick it to the glue.  Press to adhere.  It may be easier to work in smaller lengths at a time–applying glue to a couple of inches, and then sticking down the fabric–rather than applying a long bead of glue all at once.  The glue does cool pretty quickly.  When you have created your seam, trim the extra fabic off of the top of your triangle, so you have an even edge.

Turn your carrot right-side out.  Using a pencil to help you turn it out works pretty well.

Now, stuff your carrot!  A pencil also works pretty well to help you get stuffing down into the tip.

Cut some lengths of green rick rack to form the carrot top.  I like cut them varying lenghts, and to use an odd number of strands.  Stack them together so the bottom ends are even.  Use some hot glue to tack them to one edge of the inside of the top of the carrot.

Apply some more hot glue around the inside of the top of the carrot, and around the base of the carrot tops, and then carefully bunch up the fabric around the green carrot tops to hold.

Try varying the size of your initial fabric rectangles to change the sizes of your carrots.  Make yourself a whole basket of cute carrots to decorate your spring home!

Happy Crafting!

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