Cherry Blossom Lights

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a cheery spring decoration with this easy recycling craft.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut your egg carton apart, and separate all of the egg cups into single cups.

To cut the blossom shape into each cup, cut 4 slits into the edge of the cup, spacing them evenly around the cup.  Cut only down the sides of the cup, leaving the circular bottom of the cup intact.  This will create your 4 petals.

Round the edge of each of the petals with your scissors.

Paint the flowers pink.

I chose to use different shades of pink for my flowers so there was some variety.  Let dry completely–this may take a little longer than you expect because the egg carton material is really absorbant, and gets a bit soft.  Don’t try to continue until the flowers are totally dry, or they may be too soft, and tear when you try to push the lights through them.

Use your scissors to carefully poke a slit into the center of each flower, and carefully push, and twist your lights through the back of the flowers, so the bulb pokes clear inside the flower, and the body of the light rests snugly in the hole.  You don’t want to flower to rest on the bulb part of the light, but rather up on the fatter body of the light.

Hang up your pretty flower lights, and think of spring!

Happy Crafting!


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