Fabric Decoupaged Vases

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create some cheery décor for your home, or office with this easy project–great to display a bouquet of silk, or dried flowers, to hold cooking utensils by the stove, or the pens on your desk.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut your fabric into small pieces–square/rectangles about 2×2″ I found easiest to work with.

Brush the inside of the jar with a coat of Mod Podge.

Brush the good side of your first piece of fabric with Mod Podge.

Flatten out the fabric piece, and stick flat against the bristles of the brush.  Use your brush to carefully insert the fabric piece into the jar, and to position it inside the jar.

Start at the bottom of the jar, and work your way up, using your brush to smooth out air bubbles.  Position the pieces so they are butted up next to each other, overalapping a bit if your need to–I actually liked the look of a small gap between some of the pieces of fabric,  but the choice is obviously yours.  Continue decopaging the inside of the jar with your fabric pieces until you get to the neck of the jar.  I opted to leave both the very bottom, and the neck of the jar without fabric.  Give the inside another coat of  Mod Podge, if needed, and let dry.  Mine took a full day to dry, and I helped my jars along by putting them facedown over a heating vent–you could also run a hairdryer inside the jar to help speed along the drying process.

Wrap the neck of the jar with jute twine, tying a knot to finish off.  Fray the ends of the jute, of desired, by untwisting them.

Remember these are not waterproof vases, unless you insert a smaller container inside them to hold the water.  Try using seasonal, or holiday fabric to make your own custom vases.

Happy Crafting!


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