Bringing the Tree Home Ornament

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a darling ornament for your tree with popsicle sticks.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

It may be tempting to use a hot glue for this part of the project, but don’t! Hot glue will hold temporarily, but by next year your ornament will be falling apart–hot glue peels off of popsicle sticks after a short amount of time, whereas tacky glue will soak in and actually adhere to the stick. You will need 4 popsicle sticks for each vehicle. Using the wire cutters, cut 2 of the popsicle sticks in half to make 4 pieces–we will use 3 of the pieces.

Lay 2 of the sticks side by side to form the body, and bed of the truck. Lay 2 of the short sticks perpendicularly across the two long sticks, so they poke up both above to form the cab, and down below, so you will have somewhere to glue to the button wheels to. Notice that the front most short stick is angled, like the windshield, and the rear stick is more straight up and down, like the rear window of a pickup truck. Also notice that the cab is positioned so the nose of the truck is shorter, and the bed of the truck is longer. Use your tacky glue to adhere the sticks together. This will be the back of the ornament. Let dry.

Flip the truck over to the front. Glue the last of the shorter sticks on top of the cab, so the rounded end is pointing toward the front of the truck. Trim if necessary, so it is flush on both sides. Use your tacky glue to adhere in place. Let dry.

Choose two matching black buttons, and glue onto the tabs below the truck for the wheels. Let dry.

Cut a small rectangle of silver foam, and glue onto the back of the truck cab to create the window glass.

Break off a short piece of cinnamon stick to use as a tree trunk. You can kind of gauge how long you need it to be by measuring your truck bed.

Wrap your pine stem loosely around the cinnamon stick to form a coil.

Slide the coil of, and twist the top tighter, while loosening up the bottom coils to make them gradually bigger–this will create a cone shaped coil. Glue the cone shaped coil onto the top of the cinnamon stick to form a little tree. Let dry.

Turn your truck over, and glue the tree into the bed of the truck. Let dry.

Try writing the year on your truck with a thin permanent marker, or your last name as the name of a Christmas tree farm, to further embellish.

To make a car, instead of a truck, cut the sticks in the same way, but angle both of the short sticks inward, instead of just the windshield one. Position the cab in the very middle of the body, so that both the front, and rear of the car are the same length. Then glue the tree to the roof of the car, instead of on the back.

Glue a loop of twine or ribbon onto the back of your ornament to create a hanger.

Happy crafting!



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