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Happy Friday everyone! Christmas is coming closer and we’re celebrating with another special gift for our readers! This week, enter to win the We R Memory Keepers Cordless Marker Airbrush Kit.

We R Memory Keepers Cordless Marker Airbrush is a no mess, no hassle, battery powered airbrush. The kit includes a cordless marker airbrush, 12 spray markers, USB charging cord, and stencil with over 15 designs. Designs feature: lightning bolt, palm leaf, paw print, star, flags, arrow, eyelashes, mustache, and ampersand. Captions include: love, awesome, explore, yay, and hi.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week:  What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

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Kimberly is the Customer Service Manager at CreateForLess, and it is her voice you hear when you call our toll-free number. Her love for crafting started when she asked her mom to make her a quilt...instead her mom signed her up for a class so she could make her own, and she hasn't stopped crafting since!

69 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Kelly OBrien

    Our extended family all get together at one house and make cookies all day. By the end of the day we all end up taking home about 15 different kinds and at least a dozen or two of each variety. We’re talkers so we end up trading stories old and new as we mix, bake and decorate. There’s not usually a lot of room to move around, and the ovens are always full, but we have a ton of fun.

  2. denise collier

    Playing, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” cd by the Vince Guaraldi Trio while eating our meatless dinner with my family on Christmas Eve!

  3. MichelleGB

    Our favorite tradition is kicking off the season by going to the Festival of Giving Trees and seeing all the beautifully decorated trees (and hopefully winning one), the kids putting on the dance shows and supporting a good charity.

  4. D.L. Wilson

    My father would make the absolute best fudge for us every Christmas.. He passed away some time ago, and now it is my turn to be the family fudge maker. It makes me feel close to him.

  5. Randi

    I’m not really into traditions. I like unique things. So I guess my favorite holiday “tradition” for my family is not having a traditional Christmas dinner. Instead, we make a feast of appetizers, dips, and finger foods.

  6. Crystal

    Cookie baking is my favorite tradition. It started with my grandma bringing about 15 tins of different cookies every year. Now that she is gone, I enjoy baking many different cookies, some of them her recipes, and sending them to friends and family.

  7. Wendy

    My husband and I try to each year take our two sons and their significant others to a NFL Steelers game closest to Christmas. It brings WONDERFUL memories. One year my son purchased them for us.

  8. Gabriella Bell

    Sitting in the living room with the lights off but the Christmas tree lights on and just enjoying the tree with the family.

  9. Gayle

    Having our Grands over around the Christmas Tree. We have all of Santa’s Reindeer – stuffed animals – with their names on each. Such fun singing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and learning all the names.

  10. Elizabeth Curry

    I love the family reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. We have a fire in the fireplace and yummy snacks. A vey special time of the year!

  11. Debi Martin

    I love watching the Lord of the Rings movies at Christmas. I know they’re not Christmas movies, but they all came out at Christmas, so they’re tied to Christmas for me.

  12. Gaynor Mann

    Dinner with the family. I built a table that was large enough so that my parents, children, grandchildren, and my husband and I are all able to sit together and have a meal. It’s the most important part of the holiday to me. My parents won’t be around forever so this gives my grandchildren time to get to know them.

  13. Cath

    Since our son became a vegetarian, we switched the festive Christmas Eve dinner to cheese fondue. It’s a switch from the usual dinner table interaction. A fun, communal meal sharing.

  14. Bet

    A favorite is a Christmas cookie exchange where everyone brings at least three dozen cookies with the recipes. Each brings three decorated boxes to fill with one dozen varied cookie selections. You keep one box and give away two to a law-enforcement officer, fireman, or a homeless person. Recipes may be duplicated to give to others.

  15. Kim D.

    My hubby and I share cups of cocoa on Christmas morning and surprise each other with stockings! Merry Christmas!

  16. O Dunn

    I hate to be the indecisive one, but I seriously love them all. This year I made eggnog to drink on the day we cut our Christmas tree. The kids call it Christmas milk. I think we’ll be doing that going forward!!!

  17. Patricia Cunningham

    This looks like an interesting new tool to learn. Always looking for new craft ideas since I have 6 grandchildren and a small business. I stay busy so that I don’t develop Alzheimer’s. Staying active is good for everyone, young and old. It is fun to learn new skills everyday! All of this helps to make a great Christmas and all my friends and family enjoy the handmade gifts they receive. My customers enjoy the unique projects too.

  18. Mary Lanford

    I like to make candy (especially tiger bark) and cookies for family, friends and coworkers. It is a great time for baking and sharing!

  19. Makalah W

    Stretching out the holidays as long as possible! Our first party is this Sunday, and our last one isn’t usually until January. Fun to have so many friends and family that we get a whole month to party! 🙂

  20. Linda knox

    I love spending time with my family and eating salmon pie. This looks like a really good product and would love to try it out

  21. Sharon Aurora

    Christmas caroling I think is my favorite Christmas tradition, but there are so many wonderful traditions.

  22. Jaimi B

    The highlight of our family get-together is our Santa bag tradition that grew out of my sisters’ and my childhood love for our Christmas stockings. With our children grown and some with families of their own, we now have 3 generations participating and the stockings were long ago upgraded to Santa bags. We all shop year-round for interesting and unusual, as well as useful items for other family members. It’s just as much fun to see what everyone else got in their bag as it is to open up your own!

  23. Carmen

    “Midnight” Christmas Eve services. Also, sitting in front of our fireplace for some reading/knitting time for the family.

  24. Brenda

    I love starting off the Holiday Season with a party with my sisters which we can have up to 36 of us but this is all with my craft group we meet the first Saturday of every month to work on any craft projects we need to finish. We are called Saturday Sisters and that is what tells us all time to get everything else done before Christmas day. The games we play are really funny for over 50 year old group of ladies but this is a tradition that starts the Season for all of us.

  25. Denise Bryant

    Looks like a fun tool!
    My favorite tradition is baking several kinds of cookies, packaging them up and delivering to friends and neighbors!

  26. Peggy Urell

    My favorite Christmas tradition is gathering of family and friends for feasting and fun; watching little ones opening their gifts and their expressions of excitement; sharing the love of them all and thanking God for His love and generousity and our many blessings of the birthday of Jesus Christ.

  27. Charity Cram

    My favorite tradition is having my sister and the kids spend the night so we can celebrate Christmas morning all together.

  28. Mahogany Blu

    No holiday celebrations here, but it is always great when those of us in the family can see each other, when there is a break in our schedules.

  29. Heidi

    My favorite tradition is to make complete all my handmade holiday cards. After that I can then relax and have a holiday drink.

  30. Theresa H

    Being with family. In-laws on Christmas eve and my family on Christmas. We always have a great time together and always lots of good food.

  31. Ginny D.

    Watching Christmas vacation and going shopping with my momma and looking and all the decorations and neat things out and like she said. Stopping for lunch ! Yum!

  32. Mac McLaughlin

    My favorite day is Christmas Eve when family gets together to celebrate Christmas and a grandson’s birthday. He will not be home this year because of military duties.

  33. Teresa Willis

    My families tradition is to watch the Christmas Story movie together, having ham and appetizers with punch.

  34. Katie Amodio

    Stockings first thing, then breakfast with an amazingly delicious apple marzipan ring, then taking turns opening gifts. We go slowly so it takes hours and is so lovely.


    My favorite Christmas tradition is putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. Bringing out the old ornaments that have memories and placing them on the tree each year is wonderful. Your relive the memories as if they were yesterday.

  36. Joanne Castor

    As a family we make a new decoration for the tree, and remember all the other lovely decorations from earlier years. Some are very ornate made of felt and sequins while other are much simpler made of things like popsicle sticks, but each is special, and full of memories.

  37. NancyB from Many LA

    My favorite tradition now is filling my granddaughter’s Advent Calendar House that I made her. It has 24 small pockets for the trinkets/candy, and the roof opens up for her Dec 24 pajamas. Her brother will be old enough next year to get his – I think I will make a dump truck…

  38. Pat W

    Christmas morning with the grands. I’m invited for breakfast and get to see what Santa brought them. We then eat the delicious b-fast s-i-law made. Then I can watch them open their gifts. With a large extended family it’s wonderful having a quiet joyful morning with the besties! ❤

  39. Gail Plaskiewicz

    Our Christmas traditions have changed since we’ve all grown up & my nephew is in college in MA & my niece lives in FL & we live in CT. My dad died 2 years ago but we still spend Christmas together even if it isn’t Christmas Day. We have a big dinner, probably ham or roast beef & we open presents. We are so thankful for whatever we get & I give out my handmade Christmas cards that I don’t mail. The ones of us who are still here spend the day. I love Christmas!

  40. Carla Jo

    Favorite tradition is going to the tree lot and cutting our own tree. Then, of course, setting it up and decorating with all the old ornaments.

  41. Lolita v Cox

    We walk through the neighborhood, looking at the lights and then come home and watch The Christmas Story.

  42. Jean V.

    Decorating the outside of our house for Christmas. I also enjoy making all my own Christmas cards for special friends and family,

  43. Deeon Laszczak

    Hubby and I turn on Christmas music and cook half the night. I love the music and I love being with him and making all of our family’s favorites.

  44. Jenny Zak

    Viewing the lights! We love to drive around at night and enjoy viewing all the decorated homes. Also, I love turning on the tree and the lights on the Garland and just basking in the pretty glow of the living room.


    My favorite Holiday tradition is knitting for the Christmas at Sea program. I’ve been donating to the Seaman’s Church Institute for about 5 years.

  46. Kimberly Post author

    Congrats Denise! You were randomly selected as this weeks WINNER! Look for an email on how to claim your prize!

  47. Jennifer Meneses

    Oooh!! Throwing on “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and getting my fill of Jack and Sally while we bake/roast lunch/dinner in the oven!!

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