Pinecone Swag

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a pretty woodland swag to decorate your home for the fall and winter season.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Using your needle-nosed pliers, screw a screw eye into the bottom of each pinecone.

To begin,  grab a pinecone by the top, and hold it upside down.  Brush your pinecone with Elmer’s glue, keeping in mind that they’re going to hang upside down, so be sure to cover the flat bottom of the cone, and the backsides of the scales.

Sprinkle your fine glitter over the wet glue first.

Next sprinkle your chunky glitter.   Lay the cones on their sides on the waxed paper to dry.

Tie a length of jute twine onto each pinecone using the screw eye.

Hold your pinecones in a bunch by their jute ties, and pull the strings so the pinecones hang at different heights to form a pleasing swag shape.

Tie the jute strings together in a knot at the top, and trim the ends as needed.

Tie a bow from the burlap, and attach to the top of the swag to cover the knot at the top.  I tied mine on with a small length of jute.

I kept my swag on the smaller side, and didn’t overly embellish it, but this project is so versatile that you could easily make a much larger, more elaborate swag if you desire by adding fake snow, more glitter, greenery, etc..

Happy Crafting!

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