Beaded Indian Corn

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Gather the kids, and create some cute, and colorful ears of corn to decorate your fall home.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

For each ear of corn, you will need 3 chenille stems.  Lay the stems in a snowflake shape, middles touching, making sure the “spokes” are even.  Twist together at the middle to secure.

Begin threading your beads onto the spokes.  We chose to only use 3 colors per ear of corn, to make our ears look more like real Indian corn.  You will only need 10-12 beads per spoke.  Don’t thread the beads clear down to the middle, leave a couple of bead widths of the chenille stem exposed–this will help you more easily fold the spokes up to form the ear of corn.

When all your beads are threaded, bring two of the spokes that are directly across from each other up, and together, twisting the chenille stems together to secure.

Bring two more spokes up to the first two, and twist them to secure.

Repeat with the last two spokes, and now you have formed your ear of corn! Slightly curve the top ends of the chenille stems to look even more like corn husks.

These little ears of corn would be a fun class project for school, cute as name place holders on your Thanksgiving table, or just a fun project to do with the kids on a chilly fall day.

Happy Crafting!

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