Jorja Spider Stitch Coaster Pattern

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By Crochet Contributors Sara & Helen. Follow them on their blog, Sunflower Cottage Crochet.

These quick and easy, Jorja Spider Stitch Coasters, makes a great gift or even a craft fair sale item!  Whip up 4 and you have a little set!

This is addition to the Jorja Collection as it is based on the Jorja design. We hope you enjoy this pattern.

Happy hooking!



Finished piece measures approx 6” x 6”


SpSt – Spider Stitch
sc–single crochet
ss–slip stitch
sp(s) – spaces
*to* – repeat the Instructions between the two *
FO – fasten off


Ch1 does not count as a st.


FSC– Watch it here.

SpSt– In each ch1 sp (sc, ch1, sc) –  YouTube tutorial here.


Row 1– In color A: Fsc 11, ch2, turn

Row 2– In 2nd fsc (sc, ch1, sc) *sk1 st, (sc, ch1, sc) In the next st* repeat until you have 1 st remaining, sc in last st.

Row 3- 11– Ch2, turn, SpSt In each ch1 sp across, sc In top of ch2 turning chain from previous row.


Round 1– In the last st of row 11 (sc, ch2, sc) this will create your first corner; *sc In next 9 sts, (sc, ch2, sc) In the next st* repeat three times.  Ss to first sc

Round 2– Join color B to any ch2 sp, Ch4, sk1, ss in next st, *ch3, sk1, ss to next st* around, Note: you should have 6 ch3 spaces along each side

Round 3– Ss to next ch3 sp, *ch3, ss to next ch3 sp* around, Note: you will find that you create a ch3 for each corner again and there should be 5 ch3 spaces between each corner space. If you cannot see them gently stretch your coaster a little and they should be visible. You may want to use stitch markers to mark each corner

Round 4– Attach color A to any corner, *(2sc, ch2, 2sc) in corner, (2sc in next ch2 sp) 5 times*, Repeat *to* 3 more times, Ss to first sc

Round 5– Ch1, sc in each st around and In each ch2 sp ensure you do (2sc, ch2, 2sc), SS to first sc; FO and weave In ends


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