Monsterously Cute Pom-Pom Spider

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a huge, but not-so-scary spider to decorate your Halloween home, with this easy project.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To make the huge spider, we need a huge pom-pom.  We’re going to use the entire skein of yarn to do so.  The skein of yarn we’re using is like a big tube, with the yarn running around the short way of the tube.  To begin, take one of the stem wires, and stick it through the length of the tube, so it hangs out of both ends.

Bring the ends of the wire together, so the skein of yarn folds into a “c” shape.

Use your pliers to twist the wire quite tightly, so the wire wrapped around the yarn cinches down even tighter.  Trim the ends of the wire short, and bend inward so you don’t poke yourself.  You’ll have kind of a half-ring shape, with the wires sticking out of the middle.  Gently tug the ends of the skein towards each other to make your yarn bundle into a bit more of a full ring.

Use your scissors to snip around the outer edge of your ring, working through the layers.  Based on how the skein is wound, you will inevitably wind up with some loose pieces of yarn when you start snipping–just weed them out, and get rid of them.

Now you have a ginormous, shaggy pom-pom.  Trim as desired to shape.

Take 4 chenille stems, and twist them together on one end.  I also rolled the twisted ends into a small circle to give me more gluing surface.  Repeat with 4 more.  You now have 2 bundles of 4 legs–8 spider legs in total.

Burrow through your pom-pom fur, and get down to where it’s a little more solid towards the center.  Use hot glue to attach the twisted end of one of your bunches of legs to the pom-pom.  Repeat on the other side with the other set of legs.

Shape your spider’s legs, as desired, by creating knees, and feet.

Glue the big ‘ol googly eyes onto your spider, and cut a mouth out of white felt.

Tie a length of yarn to the top of your spider to hang it from the ceiling, or simply set it on a shelf to create some spooky cuteness this Halloween season.

Happy crafting!

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