Ghost Lantern

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Go ghostly this Halloween with this cute, and easy project!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin you lantern, loosely coil your string of lights so it fits into the jar, and arrange to distribute the lights evenly.  Leave enough slack so that the battery pack is outside of the jar.

Cut a face for your ghost from the black felt.

Use hot glue to attach the felt face onto the outside of the jar.

Cut a square of cheesecloth large enough to fit around your jar.  Place the jar in the center of the square, and pull the cheesecloth up into a bundle around the jar, cinching it snugly together at the top.  Make sure the wire leading to your battery pack trails out between some of the side folds, and is not caught up in your bundle at the top.

Snugly wrap the top bundle of cheesecloth with your chenille stems to hold.  Twist various colors, and lengths of stems around to secure it.

Trim the excess cheesecloth, as desired, and bend, and coil the ends of the chenille stems into a pleasing arrangement.

Wrap a ribbon, or two around the bundle, and tie into a bow.

Use hot glue to attach the battery pack to the side of the jar, over the cheesecloth.  Be sure the battery pack is facing the outside, so you can change batteries as necessary.  If, for whatever reason, it won’t work to attach your battery pack to the jar, just leave enough slack to tuck it behind the jar when you’re finished.

Switch on your spooky cute new lantern, and haunt your Halloween home!

Happy crafting!

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