Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Essential oils are all the rage right now–create a beautiful, and aromatic gift for your favorite oil-using friend.  Perfect for holiday gift-giving, this diffuser necklace is both decorative, and useful.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, pinch of a small piece of clay, and roll it into about a 1-inch ball.

Gently pat the ball into a little disc, about 1/4-inch thick, smoothing the edges.

Press your button, stamp, or other texture into the disc, hard enough to make a good impression, but don’t push so hard that you make the disc really thin.

Use a pencil, or skewer to poke a hole into the top of your disc.  Don’t poke it way too close to the edge, otherwise it will weaken the edge of your disc when you tie the cord.  Let dry completely, flipping every now and then to dry both sides evenly.

Cut a length of cord long enough to slip over you head when it is tied in a loop.  Fold the cord in half, and poke the folded end through the hole on your clay disc.

Bring the ends of the cord over the disc, and through the loop.  Pull tight to cinch the pendant onto the cord.

Add beads, and charms onto the cord as desired, then tie the ends into a knot to form the necklace.

Use your pliers to attach a jump ring to the hole in your round metal tag.  Attach the metal jump ring to the cord behind your clay pendant.  The metal tag will help keep the oil that you apply to the clay pendant from touching your clothes.

To use your diffuser necklace, simply apply a drop or two of oil to the center of the clay pendant, and let the clay diffuse the sweet scent as you wear the necklace.

The clay will darken when you add the oil.  Simply add more when the pendant loses its scent.

These diffusers would make a great gift by themselves for an essential oil using friend to use with their own oils, or paired with a bottle of oil as a gift for someone new to oils.

Happy crafting!





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