Coffee Filter Leaf Craft

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By Kids Crafts Contributor Veronika. Follow Veronika on her blog Toddler at Play and on Instagram @toddleratplay.

This Coffee Filter Leaf Craft is a super fun and creative way to use coffee filters and make something beautiful this Autumn. Kids will love seeing the watercolors mix to create a stunning array of festive Autumn colors.

You’ll need:

Coffee filters
Craft scissors
Orange Cardstock
Hot glue gun + gluestick
Cup with water

Step one:

Lay the coffee filter flat on a table and press down to create a circle getting all of the filter creases straightened out.

Step two:

Now using the watercolors, gently paint the coffee filter using Fall colors (red, orange, yellow, brown). Allow water to spread the watercolors. Let dry. Make as many as you’d like.

Step three:

While the painted coffee filter is drying, bend the orange cardstock in half and free-hand draw half a leaf at the crease (making sure it’s not bigger than the coffee filter) and cut out. Use this leaf as a template and make another leaf.

Step four:

Next, bend your cut out leaves in half and cut out the centers leaving about a half inch border for the leaf. Do the same with the other leaves.

Step five:

Once the coffee filter is dry, place the orange cardstock template over the coffee filter and trace the OUTER edge. Cut out the coffee filter.

Step six:

Lastly, glue the coffee filter leaf between the two orange cardstock leaves. {Be careful using the hot glue gun and assist small children during this step}. Trim around the edges using craft scissors if needed.
How beautiful are these leaves? Leave as is, create a Fall greeting card with it by glueing a leaf onto a larger cardstock bent in half or you can even secure it to the window to make a stunning leaf suncatcher!

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