Bullet Journaling: Doughnut with Sprinkles Mood Tracker

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By Bullet Journaling and Happy Planner Contributor Amy. Follow Amy on Instagram @just_another_amy_plans.

No matter if you call them sprinkles or jimmies this mood tracker is sure to put you in a sweet mood!

What you need:

Use your protractor to draw one half of your circle then flip over to draw the other half.

Draw a smaller circle and icing details.

Draw sprinkles (or jimmies) as shown in the photo how to explanation. Make sure to draw as many sprinkles as you need for the days of the month your planning for.

Use your fine tip marker to outline everything. Erase all your pencil markings. Add numbers to your sprinkles to help track your days.

Color your doughnut and frosting whatever color you choose leaving the sprinkles uncolored.

Choose some moods you would like to track and colors to represent these moods. Color in each sprinkle according to your mood daily.

If you use this tracker I would love to see the final result! Just tag me in your Instagram posts @just_another_amy_plans.

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