Bottle Scarecrow

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a simple scarecrow decoration, and do some recycling at the same time!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, stuff your bottle with strands of raffia.  I found it was helpful to use a pencil to poke the raffia down the neck of the bottle.

When you’ve filled your bottle, tuck some long strands into the neck so they hang out the top.  Use a bit of hot glue around the inside of the neck to help hold them in place.

Use your acrylic paint to paint a face onto your bottle.  Let dry.

To form the burlap hat, cut a length of burlap ribbon, and glue it around the neck of the bottle, bunching it as you glue–leave the bottom of the burlap free from glue so it spreads out, and forms the brim of the hat.  Depending on the length of the neck of your bottle, you may need to use more than one piece of burlap to cover it entirely–wrap the top of the neck first, and then wrap the second piece looser, to form the hat brim.

Wrap a piece of ribbon around the burlap to form the hat band–hot glue to secure.

Flip the burlap hat brim up to expose the base of the bottle neck.  Take a 12-inch long bundle of raffia, and tie around the base of the neck.

Flare the ends of the raffia out a bit, and hot glue the raffia to the bottle to form the scarecrow’s hair.  Repeat on both sides of head.  Fold the burlap hat brim back down over the hair.

Wrap a band of ribbon, or fabric, around the base of the bottle–glue in place.

Further embellish your scarecrow’s hat with artificial flowers, buttons, etc., as desired.

Happy Crafting!

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