Lemonade Craft

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By Kids Crafts Contributor Veronika. Follow Veronika on her blog Toddler at Play and on Instagram @toddleratplay.

Summer crafts are one of our favorites types of crafts to do. They’re colorful, exciting and fun! And while it’s still pleasant and warm outside this Lemonade craft is a must for Summer! It’s super fun and easy to set-up too. You’ll be making the ice using a super fun and unique technique and when this lemonade glass is finished, it looks amazing!

You’ll need:

Step one:

Using the white crayon draw a large tall glass on a piece of vertical cardstock (any color but white).

Step two:

Next, for the straw (unless you’re using a real straw) cut a long strip and a short strip of cardstock, and…

glue like a straw right onto the glass.

Step three:

Cut the sponge into .5″ x 1″ rectangle.

Press into the white washable kids paint and stamp inside the glass to make the ice.

Step four:

Using yellow cardstock cut out 2-3 lemon wedges. I used a dark yellow/orange crayon to color in and outside the lemon wedges. Glue to the inside of the glass.

Isn’t this a refreshingly fun craft? Easy, fun and perfect for summer!

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