Plastic Bottle Jellyfish

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Recycle those plastic drink bottles with this fun, and easy craft project.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, use your utility knife to cut the rounded end off of your bottle to form the bell of the jellyfish.

Use your permanent markers to color the bell of the jellyfish.

You must use permanent markers, or they’ll rub right off of the plastic bottle.

Next, color the remaining portion of the bottle.  Set aside the bottle cap for another use.

We will turn this remaining portion into the tentacles of the jellyfish in one of two ways.

To make long, curly tentacles, use your scissors to cut the bottle into a thick spiral–starting at the end opposite the mouth of the bottle, begin cutting at a sharp angle, nearly perpendicular to the bottom.  Begin cutting around bottle in a spiral pattern, so the spiral is about 1.2-inches thick.  Cut clear up to the neck of the bottle.  Once you have cut one big spiral, your bottle should resemble a large spring.

To divide the spring into more than one tentacle, carefully cut it apart into thinner springs–I began my first cut about 3-inches down from the neck, and then worked my way way down the spring, to make varying lengths of tentacles.  Cut the neck of the bottle into short, pointed tentacles.

To make shorter, pointy tentacles, simple make vertical cuts up the sides of your bottle, clear up the neck.  Point the ends.

At this point you can either bend your tentacles to shape them by hand, or use the candle technique.  To make the tentacles more realistic, carefully hold them over a candle flame to melt, and distort them into wavy shapes.  Obviously, this need to be done only by an adult, and exercising extreme caution.  Pull, and twist the warm plastic as desired to shape.

Wrap a chenille stem around the mouth of the bottle to cover, leaving a 2-inch tail sticking out, and a 2-inch tail when you’re done wrapping.  Pull these tails so they’re on opposite sides of the mouth of the bottle, and twist them together, across the mouth, into one tail sticking straight up.

Use the end of your scissors, or a utility knife to poke a hole in the center of your jellyfish bell.

Poke the chenille stem from your tentacles up through the hole in the bell, and pull them together to create your jellyfish.  Fold over the top into a small loop for hanging, and twist to secure.

Glue eyes on your jellyfish.

Or leave your jellyfish without eyes for a more natural look.

Tie a loop of fishing line though the loop you made to hang your jellyfish.

Happy crafting!










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