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Diamond facet art is my new favorite crafty pastime! Here are some ideas for projects.

We carry kits by Diamond Dotz and Diamond Art – in numerous designs and varying levels of difficulty. Both offer kits with premium quality crystals (13 facets), fabric, adhesive, and printing. Similar to cross stitch and color-by-number, designs are filled in by sparkly, color-coded multifaceted resin crystals.

My Projects

I thoroughly enjoyed my first project – Diamond Dotz Facet Art Kit Intermediate Rainbow Parrots. Wanting to revisit my happy place with another project, I chose the Diamond Art Kit 8 x 8 in. Blue Dahlia to coordinate with some blue and white quilted projects for our new home.

I was so engrossed in my diamond painting and a good audiobook, I forgot to take any pictures. For more step-by-step photos,…

please see my blog posting about first project – Diamond Dotz Facet Art Kit Intermediate Rainbow Parrots.

Now that this smaller project is completed, I ordered the larger Diamond Dotz Intermediate Kit – Autumn Pumpkin Amber Sparkle.

Each kit contains: a color-coded design on fabric, instructions, a sorting tray, applicator tool with a cushioned grip, wax, storage bags, and crystals presorted by color.

I hope to have the Diamond Dotz Intermediate Kit – Autumn Pumpkin Amber Sparkle completed in time for the arrival of autumn. And for Christmas, perhaps the Diamond Dotz Advanced Kit – Santa’s Secret!

Project Skill Levels

The general rule of thumb is that the larger the design. the more detail can be achieved. Some of the designs are labeled beginner, intermediate, and advanced – some are not. The smaller, simpler designs are appropriated for ages 8+. Here are some unicorn designs with different skill levels:





Other Project Ideas


Popular smaller projects include Diamond Dotz Sparkle Bracelets Kits,

Diamond Dotz Sparkle Sticker Kits. and

Diamond Dotz Sparkle Magnet Kits.

Hope you will try diamond facet art projects by  Diamond Dotz and Diamond Art There are lots of designs to choose from!

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