Mermaid’s Net Necklace

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make a statement necklace that captures the memories of your beach vacation by showcasing a beautiful beach-combed seashell.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, fill the inside of your shell with hot glue, and let cool.

Apply more hot glue to the back of the shell, and adhere to the felt.  Let cool.

Cut around the shell, leaving a 1/4-inch border.

Next, thread the beads that you want to use on your shell pendant onto the crochet thread–you will thread them onto the end of the thread that is coming off the ball of thread, and then crochet like normal.

Slip knot the thread onto your hook, like you would to begin a normal crochet project.

With the thread on the hook, poke the end of the hook through the felt along the edge of the shell.

Catch the thread in the hook.

Pull a loop back through the hole that you poked, so you have two loops on the hook, and then yarn over and make your first single crochet as normal.

Poke a second hole into the edge of the felt, pull a loop through again, and then single crochet.  Continue working single crochets around the border of felt.

Single crochet clear around the shell, and then join to complete

Chain 1. Insert you hook into the front post of the next stitch, and then single crochet.  To insert a bead into your stitch, slide one of the beads that you strung up next to the hook, then insert your hook into the front post of the next stitch, and single crochet as normal.

Continue single single crocheting into the front posts, and adding beads as desired, until you make it all the way around the shell again.  To tighten your crochet work up around the shell more, you can skip stitches to cinch the crochet work up some.  Each shell is going to be different, so you kind of have to make it up as you go along with various patterns of single crochets, beads, and skipping stitches.

Join at the top, and chain 1.

Begin your second row, this time working in the single crochet stitches, rather than the front posts.  Single crochet, and add beads as desired.

For your third row, to make the net pattern, work only single crochets, no beads. Skip stitches, as needed, to tighten your work.  Join at top, and tie off.

To add a border, turn the shell over and look at the back.  You’ll be working in the “V” stitches that you see.

Make a slip knot on your hook, as you would to begin a crochet project.  Insert your hook through the first “v” at the top of your pendant, draw up a loop, and slip stitch so you have one loop.

Chain 6.

Insert hook into the next “v” and chain 4.

Continue making chain 4 scallops, as described above, all around the edge.  When you get back to the top, to the last two stitches, chain 6, slip into the last stitch, chain 4, and then slip stitch to join at the top, and tie off.  You’ll use your chain 6 loops to thread your pendant onto the crocheted necklace chain that you make.

To make the necklace chain, thread beads onto your silver crochet thread ball.  Crochet a long string of single crochets, working beads into the chain (Slide a bead up the thread to the hook, grab the thread with your hook on the opposite side of the bead, and single crochet as usual.) as desired.  When your chain reaches your desired length (be sure the loop will be big enough to slip easily over your head), slide your pendant on the chain by threading it through the two chain-6 loops that you made, and then join the chain together, and tie off.

Happy crafting!

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