Diamond Dotz – Rainbow Parrots

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Diamond facet art is my new favorite craft! Filling in the color-coded design with sparkly diamond-faceted resin crystals is relaxing – with a good audiobook to listen to, I am in my happy place!

I watched Kim, our CreateForLess manager, do the Diamond Dotz Intermediate Kit – Autumn Pumpkin Amber Sparkle this fall –  it looked like fun and turned out so pretty.

We carry kits by Diamond Dotz and Diamond Art – in numerous designs and varying levels of difficulty. For my first project, I selected the Diamond Dotz Facet Art Kit Intermediate Rainbow Parrots

to go with my rainbow-themed office décor.

The kit includes a printed fabric piece, instructions, sorting tray, applicator tool with an ergonomic cushion, a small container of wax, storage bags, and pre-sorted, color-coded bags of little diamond-faceted round crystals. The only thing you need is good lighting – and maybe some great music or an audiobook – to slip into your “zone”.

The print consists of a group of six perched parrots on a background design which is permanent and waterproof, fade and scratch resistant. There is a plastic film covering the design to protect the sticky areas. It works well to only uncover the area you are working on – at least until they are filled with crystals.

The parrot areas have a sticky adhesive which forms a strong bond when the diamond-like crystals are applied. It is possible to move them a bit if some seem out of alignment later. Each color is coded so it is like doing color-by-number art or cross-stitch – but easier and more fun I think. The photo shows that, within the same color, some crystals are more sparkly than others.

I started off using one color in a sorting tray…

but soon found I liked having three labeled trays to work with. I tried using small dishes, but the grooved lines in the trays help sort and align the crystals for easy use. The Diamond Dotz Accessory Pack provides two extra trays, applicators, and wax in caddies. The Diamond Art Accessories Kit contains similar items – either will work.

The shininess in the photo is from the protective plastic cover. When I forced myself to stop and go to bed, I left the canvas covered so the adhesive would not dry or get dirty overnight. I arranged the next colors in trays so I could get started easily when I got home the next day!

The wax helps the crystals stick to the applicator. Since you want to pick up the crystals with the domed side up and flat side down, it helps to give the tray a gentle shake occasionally to get more crystals to turn dome side up.

Partially filled trays are easier to work with – it is harder to pick crystals up one-by-one when they are piled on top of each other.

It is difficult to see in the photo, but the lightest colored crystals on the upper chest have even more sparkle because of the glitter in them.

I planned to have this 30.3 in. x 11.8 in. project framed and show a photo of it hanging in my office for this blog post – but found the price for even a simple custom metal frame to be over $160! So, instead I will add some borders, batting, and backing – and make it into a wall hanging … some day. 🙂 Other ideas include sewing the projects into bags or pillows. They can be used a journal and notebook covers, clocks, and home décor items. Click here for some project ideas.

I am already working on my next diamond facet art project – and have found some helpful ideas for accessories and storage. Please check back soon!

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