18 Inch Doll Clothes Rack

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An Ackfeld Table Stand for 12″ mini quilts make a terrific clothes rack for 18″ doll clothes!

In two previous blog postings – 18″ Doll Storage and Bed Part 1 and Part 2 – I discussed making a doll bed from a storage bin.

The doll’s clothes fit inside the bin with the doll, but I wanted a way to hang up the clothes that would fit in the bin as well when playtime was over.

I had an Eureka! moment when I realized the Ackfeld Table Stand 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 in. Meandering Grey might work. It comes apart to lay flat, so it could be packed in the storage bin. Now there is a longer version that would work even better – Ackfeld Table Stand 12 x 14 in. Scroll Grey.

The only thing I needed to do was cover up the break in the wire at the top (where the quilt sleeve would slide on) so the hangers would not fall through. I wrapped that area with some clear tape. I may wrap the whole wire with black ribbon at some point, but it looks fine as it is.

Usually, I use this quilt stand to hang 12″ mini quilts – but I was excited to repurpose it as a doll clothes rack.

I had several American Girl doll clothes hangers to use. I like them because their shape allows pants or skirts to be hung as well as a top or dress. The outfit above has pants and a skirt, so I put the vest and pants on the hanger and used Clover Wonder Clips to pin the skirt. As an alternate to these hangers, there are several ideas on Pinterest that would be easy to make and less expensive.

The Ackfeld Table Stand works great for hanging up 18″ doll clothes – and it packs flat in the storage bin when play time is over. It is somewhat limited in how many clothes it can handle, but it will hold a few more hangers.

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