Easy Lavender Wands

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a sweet reminder of summer to keep all year with these simple sachets.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, gather a bundle of lavender into a small bouquet–I used around 30 sprigs.  Tie the bundle tightly together right below the flowers with a small piece of ribbon.

Carefully bend the stems, one by one, backward over the flowers to cover them.

Keep bending, and arranging the stems until you’ve created a “cage” of stems around your flowers.

Cut two 8-inch long strips of tulle, and lay them crisscross in a “plus-sign” shape.  Drape the middle of the tulle across the folded top of your lavender bundle, and pull the edges of the tulle down over the “cage” you formed, pinching the tulle together at the stem end.

Tie the tulle in place around with a long piece of ribbon.  I wrapped, and knotted mine several times to make sure it held in place.

Take the two long tails of ribbon, cross them in an ”x,” and wrap them around the handle of your wand.  Tie a knot.

Continue to cross and knot the ribbon tails down the “stem” of your wand, wrapping tightly, and tying off the ribbon when you reach then end.  Alternately, you could just wrap the ribbon tightly around the handle as well–we’re just wrapping the stems to keep them tightly together, and form a stronger handle.

To add a lace frill to top of the handle, cut about a 4-inch length of ribbon.  Cut an 8-inch length of ribbon.  Weave the ribbon in, and out of the holes in the lace to help you gather it.

Gather the lace together, and wrap it around the wand, pulling the ribbon to tighten, and tie a ribbon to hold.

Tuck these pretty wands in a linen closet, or drawer to leave their sweet scent, and remind you of summer all year long.

Happy crafting!

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