Washi Tape Butterfly Craft

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By Kids Crafts Contributor Veronika. Follow Veronika on her blog Toddler at Play and on Instagram @toddleratplay.

I’m sharing with you this sweet and adorable butterfly craft that’s perfect for summer!

Every craft is more fun when using washi tape, right? Washi tape is so versatile. There’s hundreds of unique ways to use it and in today’s craft, we’re making these lovely 3D butterflies!

You’ll need:

Step one:

Lay a piece of construction paper and tape about 4″ long strips of washi tape. Depending on the width of your tape use as many strips as you need to make a rectangle of approximately 4″x 3″. Make as many rectangles as you want, these will be your butterflies once we cut them out.

TIP- Use different colors and patterns of washi tape for each butterfly or alternating in between each strip.

Step two:

Now, using the craft scissors cut out the washi tape rectangles.

Flip over and draw a simple outline of a butterfly, this will help you cut out the butterfly neatly and uniformly.

Step three:

Next, cut out the butterflies by following the outlines you drew. Once all of the butterflies are cut out, bend them slightly in half and glue to a clean piece of constrution paper.

Aren’t they adorable? You can also make a bunch of these butterflies and use them as room decor by securing them to a wall over a dresser or bed. Girls will love it!

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