Cardboard Barn Star

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a stylish barn star for your home for next to no cost thanks to your craftiness, and cardboard!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, print a copy of Star PDF.  Cut out the star pattern for the size star you desire.  Trace the angled sides of the pattern onto your cardboard so you have an upside down “v.”

Line your ruler up with one of the angled sides you just drew, and place your pattern piece so the flat bottom of the paper pattern triangle is against the ruler, and the bottom corner of the pattern is touching the end of the line from the first “v” you drew.  Trace the pattern piece.  You now have 2 legs of your star.

Once again, line up your ruler with outside leg of the “v” you just drew, line up the flat bottom of the triangle pattern with the ruler, and the corner of the triangle with the end of the last “v.”  Trace the pattern piece.  You now have 3 legs.

Repeat this process until you have made all 5 legs of the star.

Working on your cutting mat, use your utility knife to cut out the star.

Using your ruler, and marker, draw straight lines down from the point of each star leg, to the opposite edge.

Using your utility knife, and ruler, lightly score each line that you drew.  Do not cut through the cardboard, only the top layer.  Gently bend each score line inward, toward the side you scored.

Once you have bent each star score line, you will see how your star will start to take on a 3-D shape.

Cut some 1/2-inch strips from your cardboard to make braces for the back.

Using your hot glue gun, attach cross braces across each star point to hold the shape.

Now paint your barn star a fun color.

These barn stars make great indoor decor, and are so lightweight that they can be hung using a pushpin in the wall.

Happy crafting!


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