Rustic Pinecone Pineapple

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a whimsical pineapple to decorate your summer home using another “piney” material–pinecones!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, use your pruning shears to snip the pointed tops off of the pinecones, so you are left with the thin, flat bottom pieces.

Arrange your pinecone bottoms into an oval shape to make sure you have enough.

Next, use your yellow paint to paint the pinecone bottoms yellow, leaving a brown circle in the middle for the eyes of the pineapple.  You may need to give your pinecones two coats of yellow, since yellow paint is notoriously transparent.  Let dry.

Paint your sticks green.

Arrange your pinecones in a rough oval shape, and cut a piece of cardboard to fit.

Glue your sticks to the top of the the cardboard oval to be the leaves.

Wrap the base of your leaves with raffia, and tie into a bow.

Begin gluing your painted pinecones onto the cardboard, starting in the middle.

Glue your remaining pinecones around the edges of your middle cones.

Hang your sweet little pineapple on your porch, patio, or somewhere else where it will be protected, or attach it to a wreath for a whimsical summer decoration.

Happy crafting!




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