Free Stuff Friday!!

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Happy  Friday, everyone! We have a fabulous and fun prize to give away this week, so let’s get right to it! This week’s winner will receive an Armour Starter Glass Etching Kit!

The Armour Starter Glass Etch Kit is the perfect introduction to the art of Creative Glass Etching. You can enjoy the fun and excitement of creating professional quality, permanently etched designs to decorate and personalize your favorite glassware and mirrors. This kit includes 1.5 oz. Armour Etch Cream, illustrated booklet, 34 Glass Etching Stencils, camel hair brush, applicator stick, and a 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch practice glass.

Question of the week:  What is your most used emoji?

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About Kimberly

Kimberly is the Customer Service Manager at CreateForLess, and it is her voice you hear when you call our toll-free number. Her love for crafting started when she asked her mom to make her a quilt...instead her mom signed her up for a class so she could make her own, and she hasn't stopped crafting since!

41 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Jean marmo

    The baby face one. My daughter has a 2. Year old and a 6 week old who I visiting right now!!

  2. Marissa M.

    I think I use the Smiley hitting his head against the door one A LOT. But in easy convos, probably the winking smiley. 😉

  3. Bessie Phillips

    My favorite is smiley holding a heart. Plus! A two in one! Thank you for our chance.

  4. Brenda Lieswald

    Mine is a car because I have a Tahoe with a special paint job and the word on the rear read in bright pink
    “Kids walk all over me” had it painted when my niece was born. My niece and nephew do walk all over me. Which I love just fine they are my life and to us it means “love you”.

  5. cath

    I very rarely use emoji, though I guess fb does give you that option. In that case, the thumbs up, heart and angry face. But, I’ll go with the heart.

  6. Suzanne Robinson

    I don’t use emojis often so I would say it is either the thumbs up emoji or any of the cat face emojis.

  7. Cindy Sherwood

    The face palm. My friends share lots of corny jokes. I have to respond with that.

  8. Linda

    Smiley 98% of the time! Because I talk mostly to my kids and other family members. And I want them as
    happy as they can be.

  9. Noreene

    i use so many, if I had to pick one it would be the kissing face with a heart or smiley face laughing with tears emoji. I’d say I use those the most.

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