Beautiful Bee Skep

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Build a beautiful decorative bee skep to decorate your summer home, or porch.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Make sure you are using a heat safe bowl, as you will inevitably get hot glue on your bowl, which will peel right off anything but plastic. To begin, wrap your rope snugly around the lip of the bowl, and join the end into a circle with hot glue.  Hold until cool.  Make sure to glue the tail end underneath the free end, rather than on top, so you can continue to coil your free end around the bowl.

Coil the rope around, on top of your initial round, gluing as you go.  I suggest working in small sections, just a few inches at a time, and holding the rope in place until the glue cools.

Now keep wrapping, and gluing the rope around, and around the bowl.

Work your way all the way to the top.

Then begin coiling, and gluing the rope to cover the top.

Cut the rope at the center of the spiral, glue, and tuck it into place.

To make the “opening” on the front, begin by gluing your rope onto the front of the skep in a small circle–mine is about the size of a half-dollar.

Then, make a few coils around the circle, gluing as you go until you are happy with how far the opening sticks out from the front.   Cut, and glue the end down.  Then, using some of your burnt umber paint, paint the “hole” inside your entrance.  Let dry.

Cut a small length of rope for the handle on top.  Tuck the ends in between the rope coils, and glue in place.

Next, carefully pop your bee skep off of the bowl.  You will inevitably get some hot glue on the bowl as you are constructing, so the rope will want to stick a little bit, but tugging gently, and running something like a rubber spatula around between the skep and the bowl will help pop it free.  I just tugged mine gently and it popped free.

I added a cardboard bottom to my skep to add some stability, and so I could set it on top of something else when I displayed it.  To add a bottom, trace the bowl you used onto a piece of cardboard, cut out the circle, and glue it onto the bottom of the skep.  Trim as needed.

Now display your pretty bee skep in your home, or in a sheltered place on your porch.

Happy crafting!







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