X’s Can and Glass Bottle Crochet Cozy

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By Crochet Contributor Sara. Follow Sara on her blog, Sunflower Crochet Cottage.

My latest design is a crochet can and glass bottle cozy that can be made up in any color combination or just solids! Enjoy this pattern just in time for the 4th of July celebrations here in America! I plan on making several of these for friends and family to use when they come over.

I also want to make several in other fun summertime colors such as a citrus theme, or a lemonade theme like this one my good friend Helen made:

In fact, she did both photos! You’re awesome, Helen!

I bet you’re ready for that pattern! Let’s dive in!


For this pattern, you I worked this in patriotic American colors of red, white, and blue, so you will need 3 colors. I have written the pattern to be worked with three colors but you could simply work it in 1 or 2.



7 rows and 14 DC’s across= 4”x4” square


Finished piece measures approx. 4.5” tall and about 4” diameter, flattened.


Chain 3 at the beginning of each round does count as a dc. Mark your colors as CA, CB, and CC (color a, color b, color c) unless you are working with just one color. For this pattern, CA is blue, CB is white, and CC is red.

The pattern is worked in the round and slip stitched to the chain 3 at the end of each round. When changing colors, it is easiest to just carry the yarn up the inside of your work rather than cutting off each time. This makes for a lot less ends to weave in.

To change colors: when you are going to work the slip stitch into the top of the chain 3 to end each round, instead of finishing the slip stitch with the current color, do this instead: first, insert hook into top of ch3, next, drop current color, finally, pick up next color and pull thru a loop to complete the slip stitch. Pull tight, and continue the pattern.


Dc—Double crochet
XS—Cross Stitch
to–Repeat the instructions written between the two *
HDC—Half-double crochet
YO—yarn over
CS— Crab Stitch, also called reverse single crochet
MR—Magic Ring/Magic Circle
BLO—Back Loop Only


Cross Stitch—Skip next stitch, work a DC in next, work another DC in the skipped stitch going behind the DC just made. Video here.

Crab Stitch/reverse sc—instead of working to your left like normal, you will start your work in the stitch to the right of your hook. Work a SC in the stitch to the right of your hook. Simple as that. It creates a “rope” edging because it twists the loops together.
Magic Ring—Wrap yarn around 2 fingers, twice. Overlapping the first loop on the underside of your fingers, place your hook under the front loop and grab the back loop, pulling it under the front loop and out. Turn the large loop still on your fingers so that it twists the loop on your hook, chain 1, turn it back the other way. This is also just an enlarged slip stitch. A good video can be found here.


With CA:
MR—ch3, work 10 more dc’s into the ring, pull tight to close and ss to the top of the ch3. (11 dc)

Rnd 2—ch3, dc in same as ch3, 2dc in ea st around, ss to the top of ch3 and change to CB see pattern notes about changing colors (22 dc)

Rnd 3—ch3, dc in same st and in BLO in next st and each across (23 dc), ss to top of ch3, change to CC.

This creates a “ridge”, making it a clear separation of the bottom and of the sides. The visible part of the ridge (the unworked loop) is the right side of your work.

Rnd 4—ch3, XS around (11 XS’s total plus a ch3), ss to top of ch3, changing to CB.

Rnd 5—ch3, XS around (11 XS’s total plus a ch3), ss to top of ch3, changing to CC.

Rnd 6—ch3, XS around (11 XS’s total plus a ch3), ss to top of ch3, changing to CA.

Rnds 7-9—ch3, XS around, ss to top of ch3.

Rnd 10—ch1, CS in ea st around (starting to the right of your hook), ss to beginning of round. FO, weave in ends.


Now go make a ton of these to have at your next backyard party!

I hope you enjoy this crochet can and glass bottle cozy pattern as much as I do!

Happy Hooking and have a fun 4th of July and great summer!

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