DIY Geodes

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Geodes and crystals are trendy, but the prices for such beauties can be astounding.  Astound your friends instead with these amazing homemade geodes, created almost entirely out of a common crafting item.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, we’re going make the base for our geode.  Cut a circle of parchment paper a bit larger than you want your final geode to be.  Wad it up in a ball, and get it nice and wrinkly.  Open it up, and smooth it out a bit, and place it in your cup, or bowl to form a bit of a cupped shape.

Using your hot glue gun, pipe a bead of glue around the inside of your cupped paper to establish the top edge of your geode.  Fill in the rest of the paper with a layer of hot glue.  Let cool, and then add more layers, until your geode is about 1/4-inch thick.  Try to keep your cupped shape an even thickness.

Let the glue cool completely before you remove it from the cup.  Then carefully peel off the paper, and use your scissors to trim the edge more smooth, and even.  Set aside.

Next, we’re going to carve the largest crystals from hot glue sticks.  Using your utility knife, and carving away from yourself, carve long strips off of the length of the glue stick.  Go slow, and don’t carve too deep–you just want to carve away the rounded edge of the glue stick, and make it look faceted.  Go around the entire stick, so you have long, smooth faces.  Save your scraps!!

Cut your stick into smaller lengths to make more than one crystal from a stick.  Then, use your knife to chop the ends of each crystal into a multi-faceted point.  I suggest looking at pictures of real crystals online to give yourself a better idea of what you want your crystals to look like.

Next, use a little bit of alcohol ink on a tiny paint brush to add some color on the bottoms of the glue crystals.  It doesn’t take much, and the color reflects up the crystal a bit to give it some subtle color.

Now take the scraps that you reserved from your carving, and using your knife, and or scissors, chop them into various sized small pieces.  These will be the smaller crystals in your geode.

The next step is assembling your geode.  Use your hot glue to attach the large crystals you made into a group in the center of your geode.

Next, apply a bit of hot glue around the big crystals, and carefully position some of the larger scrap chunks around.  I suggest working in small areas at a time, rather than putting down a whole bunch of glue at once, and trying to cover it all neatly before it cools.

Continue covering the interior of your geode with your glue crystals, placing the biggest ones toward the center, getting smaller as you move out.  When you’re happy with your crystal placement, give them a thin coat of clear nail polish–it really makes them look more transparent, and real!  Let dry.

Finally apply a layer of hot glue around the outer edge of your geode, and while hot, sprinkle with Diamond Dust.  Tap off extra.

When you’re happy with your geode, paint the back black.  I like to leave a little bit of the center unpainted, because it lets the light shine through the biggest crystals.  Let dry.

Lastly, take a small brush, and paint the rim of the geode with gold paint.

While it’s wet, sprinkle it with gold glitter.  Let dry.

These geodes look amazingly real, and look super pretty on display.  Try making different sized geodes,  try making big crystals using the regular sized glue sticks, or add even more color by glazing the geodes with more alcohol ink.

Happy crafting!

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