Adventure Backpack

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a small drawstring pack to carry on all your summer adventures.  Perfect for carrying a snack and drink on a bike ride, or carrying your collected rock and stick treasures picked up at the park–not too big, but perfect for taking on all your adventures!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Cut two, 15-inch squares from your fabric.

With your first square of fabric laying right-side down, use your iron to press a 1/4-inch hem along both sides of your square.  Sew in place.  Repeat with the second square.

Once again, with your square of fabric laying right side down, press a 1/4-inch hem across both the top, and bottom of your square.  Sew along hem to hold.   Repeat with second square.

Still right side down, fold the top edge of your square down about 1-inch to form the casing.  Press in place, and sew in place, using the 1/4-inch seam line as a guide.  I ran a zig-zag stitch down the middle of the 1/4-inch seam, to add a little extra detail to my pack, but you can just use a straight stitch, if you desire.  Repeat with the second square.

Lay both squares, right-sides together, lining up the casing seams, bottom and side edges–pin as needed to hold everything in place.  Now we’re going to sew the sides together.  Starting just below the top edge, at the casing seam (as noted by the tip of the scissors in the photo),

sew a 3\8-inch seam down the side, stopping 1-inch from the bottom.  Tie off.  Repeat on the other side.

Now sew a 3/8-inch seam across the bottom edge.  Turn the back right-side out.  Cut two pieces of parachute cord that are each 1-yard long.  **NOTE: The lengths of these straps are made to fit an elementary school aged child.  If you want the pack to fit a larger child, teenager, or adult, you need to cut your pieces of cord longer–like a yard and a half, to 2 yards in length.  Err on the side of being too long, because it’s easy to cut the straps down after you’ve tried on the bag, and figured out the perfect length for you.  Melt the ends with your lighter to stop them from fraying.

Stick a large safety pin through one end of your first piece of cord to act as a needle.  Beginning on the left side of the bag, Insert the safety pin into the casing on the front of the bag, thread the cord clear through the front casing, then around through the casing on the back piece, and back out to the left side of the bag.  Both ends of the first piece of cord should now be hanging out the casing holes on the left side of the bag–one end coming out the front casing, and the other end out the back casing.

Remove the safety pin from the first piece of cord, and place it onto the end of the second piece.  Now working on the right side of the bag, thread the second piece of cord through the front casing, around through the back casing, and back out again to the right side–one end coming out the front casing, and the other end out the back.

Now pull the tail ends so they are even, and insert them into the openings you left in the bottom of each side seam.  Push them in about 1/2-inch, and stitch shut.  I went over the seam a couple of times to make sure they were well held in place, since the straps will get pulled on a bit as the pack is worn.

Now put on your pack and go have an adventure!

Happy crafting!

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