Free Stuff Friday!!

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It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get crafty on Friday!  We made it through the week, and now it is time to celebrate with this weeks Free Stuff Friday. This week I am giving away this Perler Rainbow Peacock Bead & Pattern Kit. Oh and I want to see a picture of it when it is done.

Perler Rainbow Peacock Bead & Pattern Kit includes 3,500 beads, 1 pair of tweezers, 1 ironing paper and full size pattern with instructions that are used to create an 11 x 11 inc h picture of a colorful peacock. Requires 4 large square pegboards to complete the project  (but don’t worry I will send those too).

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: If You Moved To Sesame Street, Who Would You Want As Your Neighbor? Why?

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Kimberly is the Customer Service Manager at CreateForLess, and it is her voice you hear when you call our toll-free number. Her love for crafting started when she asked her mom to make her a quilt...instead her mom signed her up for a class so she could make her own, and she hasn't stopped crafting since!

47 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Tori Kin

    Oscar the Grouch. Just friendly enough to people he likes, but won’t expect me to want to do stuff all the time. We’re both agoraphobic introverts

  2. Gabriella Bell

    Big Bird. So I can borrow his nest and have a soft pace to curl up and read

  3. Ashley Morin

    That is a hard question…There are several characters that I would want to be neighbors with…Kermit for all his lovely songs, Elmo for his wit, Bert & Ernie for their adventures, Grover for his all his fun goofs, Cookie Monster because, well, cookies! … I think I will have to go with Kermit the Frog. I love all of his facial expressions and all of the lovely songs and emotions…

  4. CaraAnn Bocian

    Ernie because he is part of a team of “Bert & Ernie” and growing up I was always part of a team with my little brother! We did everything together!

  5. Marissa M.

    Snuffy would be the bestest neighboor. I know he’d always been there if I needed him 🙂 And I could watch him dance! 🙂

  6. Marty

    The cookie monster, because he is never in short supply of cookies and therefore i would know which neighbours door to knock on when i got the munchies….. lol

  7. Beth

    The Yip Yips. They had a whole new look on common objects with comedic timing. I still laugh as an adult when I see the telephone skit. Too funny when you realize that future generations won’t understand what that is either.

  8. Randi

    Boy, I’m REALLY not a fan of Sesame Street, so I’d go with Mr. Hooper. He’s not annoying, and he has food!

  9. Aurora Millward

    Mr. Hooper, because he doesn’t charge money for his food. Free food, yum!

  10. Barbara

    Too many from which to pick. Guess I’ll go with my sons favorite – Oscar the Grouch. Even had to create a special pillow for him. Everyone has a grouchy day, don’t they?

  11. Laura

    I’d say the Swedish Chef, he’s always creating something so there would be that fun energy!

  12. Brenda Lieswald

    I love Elmo and he and I love tickles so we could have some good laughing and tickles.

  13. Jessie

    I would want to live next door to Grover. He’s goofy and a bit bumbly like myself and he’s also oneof my son’s favorite characters.

  14. Chris Reinke

    I would move in with Bert and Ernie and sing “Doin’ the Pigeon” and “Rubber Ducky.”

  15. Kelly OBrien

    Well, being only a few months older than Sesame Street, I have to harken back to the old days. I would have said Mr. “Looper”/Hooper, but he’s been gone for a long time now. So, I guess I’d go with Mr. Snuffleupagus.

  16. Bessie Phillips

    I would like to have Cookie Monster be my neighbor. He is a cutie and I like to bake cookies! Thank you for the chance!

  17. kathleen hauser

    I would like Cookie Monster for my neighbor. I would make the cookies and we would have fun eating them.

    PS. My daughter married into the Peacock family Really! I would love to give this to my granddaughter.

  18. Theresa

    Grover. When my kids were little, one of their favorite stories was Super Grover. Seeing Grover always brings back great memories of when my kids were little.

  19. JudyA

    Miss Piggy has been left out of the responses so I’ll choose her.
    She’s so sassy.

  20. Cynthia Lindskog

    If you just wanted my favorite Muppet it would be easier that’s “Animal” he plays the drums in a band. He Rocks! But for Sesame Street my daughter loved Snuffy & Big Bird for their friendship & Oscar the Grouch because he could live in a gabage can with all he owned, and still had room for more. I woyld like them all for my neighbors because their friendly,helpful, and Oscar could show me how to organize all my collections so that I’d have room for more.Animal could play on his drums at cook-outs and party’s to entertain everyone.

  21. Donnalynn Lawton

    I would want Big Bird as a neighbor. He is sweet and friendly and always helpful

  22. Gail Plaskiewicz

    I have lots of faves on Sesame Street. I love Big Bird because he’s yellow & yellow is my favorite color in the whole wide world. I can’t imagine having a yellow friend because I would have yellow all around me every day. He also is a really nice bird. I also love Elmo because you could tickle him & he would make you laugh & we all need to laugh. I love Kermie & Miss Piggy because they are also funny.
    My sisters business is so when I win this, I am going to make it & give it to to her. I will also post a picture so everyone can see it. I’ll bet It looks cool when it’s done!

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