Tin Can Honey Bee

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

This little garden decoration is just as cute as ’can bee!’  Make a fun friend for your flowerbed, or potted plant with this recycling project.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

When choosing a can for this project, be sure to choose a can where the round lid is still partially attached to the can–it makes it much easier to glue back on when it’s still partially attached.  Carefully apply a bead of E6000 adhesive around the inside top of the can, and gently press the round lid back into place.  Be cautious, as we all know can lids are notoriously sharp, so if making this with children, have an adult complete this step.  Let dry.  Apply a bead of glue around the edge of the can lid, to fill any gaps as needed.  Let dry.

Spray your can with a coat of white spray paint.  Let dry.

Using a large, flat brush, paint the sides, and glued together end of the can yellow.  Let dry.

Paint the other end of the can black.  Let dry.

Use a small flat brush to paint black stripes around the can.  I followed the lines on the can to keep my stripes even.  Let dry.

Using a small bit in your drill, make small holes to start your screws into to create the antennae on your bee’s head.  I simply made small holes to start the screws, and then screwed them partially in with my fingers until they were tight.

To make the bee wings, use your scissors to cut both ends off of the water bottle, so you’re left with a tube.  Cut the tube open lengthwise, so it’s a “c” shape.  Cut a piece about 2-inches wide, and round both ends into wing shapes.  You can taper the middle a bit, like I did mine, so it looks even more like insect wings.  You can slightly crease the center of the wings to open them up more, and help them lay flat on your bee’s back.

Use a blob of E6000 to adhere the wings to the back of your bee.  I set mine bee between to heavy objects to keep it from rolling, and then laid the tube of glue carefully on top of the wings to weight them down, and hold them in place until they were dry.

Use a dot of E6000 to stick a googly eye into the center of each bottle cap.  Let dry.

Glue the eyes onto the black end of the can.  Let dry.

Use a tiny, round paint brush to give your bee a red smile.  Let dry.

If using a wooden dowel or stick to hold up your bee, I suggest giving it a coat or two of acrylic spray to help protect the wood from moisture.  Let dry. While you’re waiting for it to dry, drill a hole slightly smaller than your dowel into the bottom of your bee.  Insert the dowel into the bottom of the bee.  Now, go push your bee stake into your flowerbed, or potted plant, and enjoy your cute little friend!


Happy crafting!

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12 thoughts on “Tin Can Honey Bee

  1. Will

    When glueing the lid back, drill a small hole. Puts through a piece of knotted string to pull lid back into place when glueing. 1 it makes holding in place easier, 2 keeps your crafty fingers out of harms way.
    Love this idea, and am going to make some – and I’m a 43 year old bloke. Lol

  2. Barbara Meyers\

    I have made four so far. Great craft to fill distancing and being safe. I glued a large paper clip between the wings and used fish line to make a hanger. Looks great “flying in the breeze.

  3. Robyn Emonson

    Loved the idea l have made 8 of them. I used black tape for the stripes. I put at the back end I used another can lid and put a small hole in centre and put tooth pick in it to make sting (glue it in).

  4. sandy

    this was a cute idea, we did bee’s, and lady bugs, sooo cute, next attempting to do a couple of butterflies

  5. Samantha Gamble

    You could do this with a string to hang the bee from trees instead of a stick as well

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